February Favorites

Alright, so today I have my February favorites! I have eleven products this month! Since this is my first monthly favorites post I wasn't sure how to go about it.. For the first time though I'll just give you a closer look at each product and say why I liked it! So first up is lip products..

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Icy Nude, Blistex Deep Moisture Renewal & Lancome Color Design Lipstick in It Girl

Icy Nude: The Color burst lipsticks apply nice and creamy and the wear is pretty good! I liked this shade for just something to grab and apply in a hurry if I'm running out the door quick. It's just warm, shimmery nude that's almost the same shade as my natural lips.

Blistex: I really like this lip balm! It glides on easily and feels moisturizing. And it is really nice and moisturizing! My lips are so dry and chapped and this has been really helping them! It works better then my EOS balms and I've been using it much more often now instead of them.

It Girl: I really love this shade! It's a pretty pink with blue, gold undertones and subtle gold shimmer. It's bright and girly and I just really love it! I wear it a lot! I was actually wearing this in my unboxing video of the Benefit b.right intro kit.

Covergirl Cheekers in Natural Rose & The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Peach

Natural Rose: I've had this blush for so long! I started using it again during February and it became my daily blush. It's just a sweet, girly and innocent pink that gives a really cute flush of color! It's also buildable so you can apply it just sheer or make it a bit more opaque to stand out!

Peach Shimmer Waves: This is also another product I just started using again during February and then I continued to use it daily. It gives a pretty, peachy highlight. Some days I would also use the top shade as an eyeshadow and use it as a brow bone highlight, or in the inner corners of my eyes.

Lancome Absolue Eye Precious Cells Eye Cream, Lancome Creme Radiance Cleanser & Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

Precious Cells: This is the eye cream I used more often this month. It's nice and creamy and has smooth, easy application. This makes my eyes feel softer, look more radiant and less puffy.

Creme Radiance: I love this facial cleanser! It's a cream to foam cleanser that has a nice, clean scent and feels super smooth and wonderful on the skin! It leaves my skin softer, brighter and more radiant looking.

Total Moisture: I really love this! It leaves my skin as soft as a baby's butt, haha! It has a lovely consistency and application. (I'll be reviewing this later with Benefit's Facial Emulsion and Facial Polish.)

Wanted by Jesse McCartney Body Lotion

Wanted Body Lotion: I love Wanted by Jesse McCartney (and I loooove Jesse McCartney himself) and this month the body lotion was my most used lotion.

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Brown & Lancome Artliner in Noir

Gel Liner: I love Maybelline's gel liners and I started using them again this month. I love lining my waterline with this and I love to line my eyes with this first and then go over it with my artliner.  It's creamy but not messy and goes on like a breeze!

Artliner: This stuff does not budge! I had swatched it in store and it took a lot of work to get it off of my wrist! It has pretty easy application and control. It can be a bit difficult sometimes for me to get a line as thin as I want or a wing as crisp as I want with this, so like I said I first outline it with my gel liner and then going back over it with this is easy peasy!

Day Six

We're on day six of the ten day makeup challenge today! Today is my six favorite brands.. This is kind of hard since I really like a lot of different brands and love variety and there are some brands which I haven't gotten to try out yet.. But here I go..!

Lancome was the first higher end brand that I used! I love their lipsticks, eyeshadows, Creme Radiance cleanser, Bi-Facil, mascaras and I love their Le Crayon Kohl eyeliners! 

I love Benefit! I adore their packaging, product names, products in general.. everything! I can't wait to try out even more of their products!

I love Maybelline! I love their Colossal mascara from the Volum' Express line! I always repurchase it and I prefer it over any of my higher end mascaras! It's my go to mascara! I also really love the Fit Me line. I know a lot of people didn't, but I do! I love their gel liners too and they've really stepped up their game with the Color Tattoo shadows!

I also love Revlon! Their matte lipsticks are my absolute favorites and my all time favorite lipstick is from that line! I think most of my lipsticks are from Revlon! I think it may be my favorite brand for lipsticks.. I also like their other products as well of course!

I also love the makeup by TIGI and the makeup from Bedhead by TIGI! I love their lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows.. everything! And I love the packaging as well!

I also do really love The Body Shop! I like their brushes, liquid highlighter, shimmer bricks, lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyebrow duo!

**All logo pictures taken from Google

Recent Gets! China Glaze, Rimmel & Maybelline!

Today I did a bit of shopping and picked up some China Glaze polishes, lip products from Rimmel and Maybelline shadows! So let's take a look!

'For Audrey' Nail Lacquer, Matte Magic Top Coat & 'IV' Nail Lacquer by China Glaze

I picked up two polishes and a top coat by China Glaze first. I went in originally only planning to buy For Audrey. I've seen it on a lot of beauty blogs and I've fallen in love with the color! I really wanted to try it for myself. And all the China Glaze polishes were on for $3.99! I found it and then just looked at some of the other polishes for fun.. but when I saw IV I really wanted to get it! I thought it was just a really pretty pink.. and you can never have enough pink polishes, right..? Right.. And I also thought it would look cute with For Audrey if you did cotton candy inspired nails! I haven't painted my nails like that for like four years!

I also came across the mini bottle of the Matte Magic top coat which was on for $2.81! I love matte nails (I love matte everything, really..) so I decided to give it a shot! I had another matte top coat by CND but I didn't like it.. It was a white opaque.. And a tiny bit thick or something.. It didn't go on clear and when it dried it would change the color of your polish. And it didn't even give that much of a matte finish. And if you didn't apply it evenly you would get streaks and your nails would be different colors..!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in '08' & '07'

I had seen these on a few other beauty blogs and really wanted to try some for myself! Unfortunately they didn't have them here in Canada yet at that time.. They're here now though so I picked up two of them today! They were $4.98 each. I really love the packaging.. I just really like sleek packaging. Especially black. And I love the red signature.

I haven't tried these out yet but if I like them I might pick up one of the red shades! One thing about these though is that they smell really good! While I was swatching I smelt something really nice and then realized that it was the lipstick! I'm really unsure of how to describe the scent.. I can't quite put my finger on it. I love it, though! 

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 'Eastend Snob'

I also picked up a lipliner from Rimmel. This was $5.98. I had been thinking about whether to get this or not.. But I've been in need of a lipliner lately so I finally got it. I love the color and the name! It's just a nude, pink that you could wear with almost any lip color..

Here are some swatches of Eastend Snob, 08 and 07. It's so hard for me to get good swatch pictures! It's hard for me to capture the color correctly.. I usually adjust the color later a bit to try to make it a better match. Hopefully my swatches will improve! For now though, from left to right we have Eastend Snob lipliner, 08 by Kate Moss and 07 by Kate Moss.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in 'Tough as Taupe', 'Too Cool', and 'Bad to the Bronze'

And last we have the Color Tattoo shadows by Maybelline! These were a pain in the butt to get! Wherever I went they were either out of the shades I wanted or the only ones left had been opened and tampered with. I first saw the display for these before all of the hype about these started.. Tough as Taupe immediately caught my eye. I thought I might give it a try.. But decided not to because I really didn't need more makeup.. A while later I started hearing about all the hype surrounding these. I told myself I'd have to try them out this time and get Tough as Taupe. All the store were out of it! Some time passed and then I went shopping out of my province last week and came across them again! They had a tester for Bad to the Bronze and I decided to give it a swatch.. I loved it! I couldn't stop telling Megan to "look at how pretty this is!".  They had Tough as Taupe there as well! I thought I could just get them back at home though, especially since I had spent a lot already that day. So then a few days later I decided to finally go pick them up.. And all the stores were out of both shades! So frustrating. So today I finally found them and picked them up! They were $9.99 each. I also decided to try out Too Cool as I thought it would make a nice base! I'm happy to finally have these and I can't wait to try them out!

Swatches from left to right of Tough as Taupe, Too Cool and Bad to the Bronze. I really like these already just from swatching!

Once I get to try everything out I will do my best to get up some reviews!

Day Five!

Today is the fifth day of the ten day makeup challenge! Today is my five favorite brushes.. I actually don't own too many brushes so I really just picked the ones I use the most!

Here is the foundation brush by The Body Shop. I like this one better then my other foundaiton brush from Quo. I like using this for concealing my under eye circles and any other small blemishes.

Next is the Face Secrets Bronzer brush that I got from Sally's Beauty Supply. Ah, it's super dirty!! Sorry! I love this for stippling in foundation or even concealer in certain areas. I wish the bristles were just a little more dense.. they can get a little flimsy. It gets the job done though and it was cheap!

Here is my Blush brush by Quo. My best friend Megan got this for me for my birthday one year and I just love it! It's soft, just dense enough, a great size and I just love how it works. I just love it! 

This is my Precision Shadow brush by Lancome. I originally wasn't going to get this, but they were out of the brush I had wanted.. so I picked this one instead. I love this brush. I like how dense it is and how it pats on the color. I especially love using this for highlighting my brow bone.

And the fifth brush is my Slanted brush by The Body Shop. I don't exactly like using this with gel liner.. I instead prefer to use it to fill in my brows! I love this thing!

Day Four

Onto the fourth day of the makeup challenge; four makeup products I can't live without..

First off is concealer. Pictured here is Maybelline's Fit Me concealer in 20 Sand Sable. Like I mentioned before, concealer just makes me look more awake and alive. I'll skip foundation some days and just use concealer on my dark circles and any blemishes.

The second product would have to be a good lip balm! Pictured here in EOS lipbalm in Summer Fruit and Blistex Deep Moisture Renewal. Like I said before, I have dry, chapped lips and I always pick at them so I always need to have a balm with me to apply.

Next is anything to define my brows, whether it be a pencil or powder. This is The Body Shop's Brow & Liner Kit in 01. (I'm a brunette, with dark brown, almost black hair but this works fine for me!) It makes such a difference to define your eyebrows! I never skip filling in my brows. 

And finally is an eyeliner! Here is Maybelline's  Eye Studio Gel Liner in Brown and Lancome's Artliner in Noir. Eyeliner also makes such a difference by defining or changing the shape of your eyes! And there's many different looks you can achieve with it.

Day Three!

So here's the third day of the makeup challenge! Day three is three makeup products I wish I had..

The Naked 2 palette. I think that this explains itself..

Prada Candy. Does perfume count? This just smells wonderful and the bottle is beautiful. 

Be Discovered palette. I swatched this in store and fell in love. Beautiful colors.

*Naked 2 and Be Discovered photos taken from Sephora.com 
*Prada Candy photo taken from Google

10 Day Makeup Challenge : Day 2!

I wasn't able to post this one yesterday, so I will be posting Day 2 and 3 today! So onto Day 2; two makeup products I would not recommend.

My first choice is..

Stila Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Oh boy... Well, I got this in the Barbie Loves Stila Ponytail Doll Paint Can, which I got on sale for twelve bucks. I like the lipstick and palette it came with and I was hoping to like this as well since I was in need of a new liquid eyeliner.. I was very disappointed. This applies very, very sheer.. it's hardly opaque at all. The color isn't buildable.. If you try to build it up it just wipes away what you've already managed to apply. It's runny, thin, weak and watery.. It's like applying water color paints to your eyes or something. I don't like the finish it give either. It will also smudge. And if you try to use a bit more pressure to try and make the color more opaque the color will just ooze out and make a mess. I wouldn't recommend this.. Instead I would recommend the Line Exact by Covergirl - which has the same packaging. It's cheaper and works much better than this does. 

And the second product I wouldn't recommend is..

..Physician's Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer. It had matched my skin almost perfectly.. But that's about it. First off, I hate the smell. I don't like it at all.. it just smells like chemicals with pinetrees or something. I don't even know. I just know that I do not like it. And I found that it did not really go away. The product is really thin and runny.. like water. It would start to come out as soon as you turned the bottle over. There's no coverage.. I hardly noticed a difference after applying it. I know it wouldn't cover blemishes.. But I mean it when I say there's no coverage whatsoever. It left an almost greasy finish, and was kind of tacky to the touch. It was like applying greasy water to my face. It also isn't moisturizing at all really, and doesn't absorb. I tried to like it and wear it since it was a bit more expensive but I just couldn't.. I do not like this.

10 Day Makeup Challenge!

I've decided to try doing the 10 day makeup challenge! Here is the list for the one I will be doing...

Day 1. One Makeup Product You Use Everyday
Day 2. Two Makeup Products You Would Not Recommend 
Day 3. Three Makeup Products You Wish You Had
Day 4. Four Makeup Products You Can't Live Without
Day 5. Five Favorite Makeup Brushes
Day 6. Six Favorite Makeup Brands
Day 7. One Favorite Of Each: lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contour
Day 8. Eight Favorite Nail Colors (and their brands)
Day 9. Your Nine Step Daily Makeup Routine
Day 10. If you were given $100 to spend on makeup, what would you spend it on? List products and their prices.

So, obviously we'll be starting with day one! One makeup product that I use everyday!

Are we counting lipbalm? If so...

Lipbalm! Pictured here are two of my EOS libbalms in Honeysuckle Honeydew and Summer Fruit! I've got super dry and chapped lips, and I'm always licking them or, my awful, awful habit, picking at them. I need to have a lipbalm with me at all times! I use these everyday before doing my makeup, all throughout the day and right before bed! They're my favorite lipbalms and they're super cute! I think my favorite had been Pomegranate Raspberry, but I used it all up and I can't find it anywhere anymore!

And if we're not counting a lipbalm, then..

Concealer! Pictured here is my Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 20 Sand Sable. I always need concealer! It just makes me look more awake and like I'm actually alive, haha. At first I didn't like this concealer, but now it's my favorite and I use it everyday. The only thing I still don't like is it's messy. When you screw the cap back  on you always get excess product oozing out.. You can even see it here! I forgot to wipe it off for the picture!

b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit 3 Piece Intro Kit

A few weeks ago I was browsing the Benefit website, and came across their b.right! Radiant Skincare line. It immediately caught my interest and when I saw they had mini intro kits I thought I would give it a try! I ordered the 3 piece intro kit as it was only $12! Shipping did cost me an arm and a leg, though.. haha.

So here is how it came - isn't the little box cute? You get three mini products! The Refined Finish Facial Polish, Total Moisture Facial Cream and the Triple Performance Facial Emulsion.

"Meet our best and brightest! Essential for travel or the ideal starter kit, this high-performing  product set features deluxe minis from the collection of b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit for enviably bright, radiant, hydrated & youthful looking skin."
-From the Benefit website

When you take the products out of the box they come in this little sturdy, plastic baggie. And inside of that the products are kept in place in a plastic piece. Like all of Benefits packaging, aren't they cute? From left to right we have the Refined Finish Facial Polish, Total Moisture Facial Cream and Triple Performance Facial Emulsion.

Refined Finish Facial Polish
"Smoothest Surface Facial Exfoliator"

Total Moisture Facial Cream
"Hyrda-Concentrated Facial Cream with Tri-Radiance Complex"

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
"Oil-free Facial Lotion SPF 15 PA++ with Tri-Radiance Complex"

So my eyes are already impressed! I have not tried these out yet except for the facial cream, which I have used twice so far. It's a thicker cream, the consistency kind of reminds me of a body butter. It's light scented but to me it's a pleasant smell and isn't irritating. It goes on so smoothly and it feels like it's being absorbed right away! The application also reminds me of a body butter. I applied this before bed, and when I woke up and felt my face I literally jumped a bit! My skin felt so smooth! It felt softer then a baby butt! haha And that was from the very first time I used it. I can't wait to use it more and to try out the other products!

Along with my order, I actually also received another mini facial cream by using a code at the checkout!

And with Benefit, with every order you get to choose two free samples! I chose samples of Hello Flawless! and Stay Don't Stray.

Hello Flawless! in Ivory

Hello Flawless! in Ivory

Hello Flawless! in Ivory

Stay Don't Stray Primer

So I'm excited to try all of these! There will be reviews in the future!

Recent Gets! Lashes!!

So the other day I went to Cosmo Prof with my mother (who is a hairdresser!) to pick up some false eyelashes! I ended up picking out two pairs of lashes and of course some lash glue!

Ardell LashGrip Clear Adhesive For Strip Lashes

Now onto the lashes that I picked out!

Ardell Lashes in Daisy Black

"Daisy lashes are full and voluminous! Catch these lashes on fashion show runways worn by high fashion models to create and compliment dramatic and beautiful designer looks. Preferred by makeup artists and professionals who style these shows. Made of 100% human hair."

Aren't they nice? These were the second pair I chose! The first I fell in love with, and I decided to get another pair since they were all about five dollars! And now the second pair..

Ardell Lashes in Demi Wispies Black

"Invisibands Demi Wispies Lashes provide an authentic natural criss-cross seen in real eyelashes. These lashes feature an invisible, lightweight band that connects the hair strands to form a strip that ensures secure corners. They are knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity, absolute comfort and an outstanding natural look. Made of 100% human hair."

Aren't they gorgeous?! I love them! When I first went over to the lashes these were the first to really catch my eye! I picked them up and fell in love - there were no second thoughts, I was absolutely getting this pair! 

I can't wait to wear and try these lashes out! I think I may also do a review!