10 Day Makeup Challenge : Day 2!

I wasn't able to post this one yesterday, so I will be posting Day 2 and 3 today! So onto Day 2; two makeup products I would not recommend.

My first choice is..

Stila Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Oh boy... Well, I got this in the Barbie Loves Stila Ponytail Doll Paint Can, which I got on sale for twelve bucks. I like the lipstick and palette it came with and I was hoping to like this as well since I was in need of a new liquid eyeliner.. I was very disappointed. This applies very, very sheer.. it's hardly opaque at all. The color isn't buildable.. If you try to build it up it just wipes away what you've already managed to apply. It's runny, thin, weak and watery.. It's like applying water color paints to your eyes or something. I don't like the finish it give either. It will also smudge. And if you try to use a bit more pressure to try and make the color more opaque the color will just ooze out and make a mess. I wouldn't recommend this.. Instead I would recommend the Line Exact by Covergirl - which has the same packaging. It's cheaper and works much better than this does. 

And the second product I wouldn't recommend is..

..Physician's Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer. It had matched my skin almost perfectly.. But that's about it. First off, I hate the smell. I don't like it at all.. it just smells like chemicals with pinetrees or something. I don't even know. I just know that I do not like it. And I found that it did not really go away. The product is really thin and runny.. like water. It would start to come out as soon as you turned the bottle over. There's no coverage.. I hardly noticed a difference after applying it. I know it wouldn't cover blemishes.. But I mean it when I say there's no coverage whatsoever. It left an almost greasy finish, and was kind of tacky to the touch. It was like applying greasy water to my face. It also isn't moisturizing at all really, and doesn't absorb. I tried to like it and wear it since it was a bit more expensive but I just couldn't.. I do not like this.

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