Day Five!

Today is the fifth day of the ten day makeup challenge! Today is my five favorite brushes.. I actually don't own too many brushes so I really just picked the ones I use the most!

Here is the foundation brush by The Body Shop. I like this one better then my other foundaiton brush from Quo. I like using this for concealing my under eye circles and any other small blemishes.

Next is the Face Secrets Bronzer brush that I got from Sally's Beauty Supply. Ah, it's super dirty!! Sorry! I love this for stippling in foundation or even concealer in certain areas. I wish the bristles were just a little more dense.. they can get a little flimsy. It gets the job done though and it was cheap!

Here is my Blush brush by Quo. My best friend Megan got this for me for my birthday one year and I just love it! It's soft, just dense enough, a great size and I just love how it works. I just love it! 

This is my Precision Shadow brush by Lancome. I originally wasn't going to get this, but they were out of the brush I had wanted.. so I picked this one instead. I love this brush. I like how dense it is and how it pats on the color. I especially love using this for highlighting my brow bone.

And the fifth brush is my Slanted brush by The Body Shop. I don't exactly like using this with gel liner.. I instead prefer to use it to fill in my brows! I love this thing!

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