L'oreal Nail Polishes in Tangerine Crush and Versailles Romance

Browsing through the cosmetics section of Wal-Mart I came across the nail polishes by L’oreal. These two gorgeous colors caught my eye, and I had to have them!

400 Tangerine Crush and 310 Versailles Romance

I’ve tried them both out and was pretty happy! They are very pretty colors! And the bottles are cute as well! 
The polish itself can apply a little bit streaky, and it depends on the color how many coats you need to totally opaque. The polish isn’t too thin or thick though, it’s a pretty nice consistency.
400 Tangerine Crush
Here is Tangerine Crush on my nails. It was a bit hard to capture the color correctly, so I apologize! Tangerine Crush is a pinky coral color that’s bright and fun! It would be a great summer color! I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the color, because this does not do it justice! It’s not as orange as it appears here! Pictured here is two coats, and no topcoat. When I wore this I got lots of compliments and was asked what color it was!
310 Versailles Romance
And here is Versailles Romance! I used three coats here to get the desired opacity. Versailles Romance is definitely more sheer then Tangerine Coral! One coat is just a sheer wash of color, two coats is still quite sheer but a bit more buildable and the three coats is still a bit sheer but I was happy with the opaqueness achieved. 
Versailles Romance is a gorgeous soft, nude pink! As you can see on my hands, it appears quite nude and natural. Again, I don’t think this picture does the color justice! It is frosty and sheer, and I believe there’s a little bit of maybe gold shimmer or perhaps just undertones. Either way, it’s just a very pretty color!
These wore about a week with a basecoat before it began to chip. And in the end I’m quite happy with them. If there is another shade that catches my attention as much as these two I might just pick it up!

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