Avon Spring Collection 2012

So I decided to try out a few of the things from Avon's spring collection. They looked gorgeous and they were on for half the price at the time, so I went for it..!

There was a selection from Soft & Smoky (plums & greys) and Warm & Bright (woods & apricots.). Each had one eyeshadow quad, two lipsticks and two nail polishes. The colors in the Warm & Bright items appealed to me more so I picked up four of them - the quad, polishes and one of the lipsticks. The other lipstick was a nude, cream beige that didn't quite interest me as much so I passed on it.

So I guess we'll start with the polishes.. From left to right is Apricot Mystery and Illusion. Now I almost didn't get Illusion.. I'm glad that I did, though. You'll see why..!

Apricot Mystery is a super pretty peachy pink! It's also kind of a little almost coral, as well. That's the best and most simple way I think I can explain! I really like it and painted all my nails this color after taking these pictures! It's a great color for spring, and would be awesome in the summer as well! 

Now Illusion.. First off, I really didn't want to post this picture, haha! My nails are so messy here. I hate to name excuses, but I did paint them with my left hand for one.. You all know I'm super impatient with polish and suck at painting them in general.. So I kept smudging them and messing them up.. So I had to retouch and paint again quickly because there was somewhere very important that I had to be.. And I didn't have time to clean up with a q-tip or anything. So I apologize for the messy nails, I really do! I almost cringe to look at it, so I hope you're okay!

Anyway, Illusion is.. awesome. I was super on the fence about it but decided "what the heck" and did. I'm happy that I did - it's so cool! It's just a pale, pastel green.. The cool thing though is that it's like reflective! Is that the right word? I'm not sure how to describe it and I really wish that I could! I'm also really upset that I couldn't get the effect to show up in pictures..! I took so many but none of them captured it right. Perhaps you can see it slightly, though. Anyway, depending on how the light hits, there can be light lavender, lilac and just generally purple shimmer reflects! Oh my goodness, I just wish I knew how to describe it properly! It's so pretty! It's kind of like OPI's Not Like the Movies from the Katy Perry collection.. Not in color obviously, but like the same effect! You could also compare to Hard Candy's Beetle or Chanel's Peridot. It just has a very subtle shimmer that I believe comes solely from the reflects..

Now for the Apricot Mystery lipstick. I've never tried Avon's lipsticks before so it was nice to try one out. Apricot Mystery is an Ultra Color Rich Lipstick. Now first of all, I can say that the picture of this in the campaign book is quite misleading. In the book it shows it to look more similar to the Apricot Mystery polish and looks much more pink and just, to be simple, lighter. It is still a pretty shade, just not what I was expecting.. I was a bit disappointed with it, though.

Here it is on my lips.. This photo is not retouched or anything (just the watermark was added), so the color is not altered! (I didn't realize those teeny pimples were that noticeable. Darn! Gotta clear those up! They literally came out of no where, wah!) 

Anyway, perhaps you can't tell from this.. but the color is very, very sheer. You can't really see in the picture but it has some subtle shimmer that looks purple. It's pretty noticeable on the bottom lip. Anyway, it just gives my natural lips the teeniest hint of color and some shine. .The finish and all reminds me more of a tinted lipbalm or a lipgloss. It's just very subtle. It didn't specify it was a sheer shade or anything, so I was a bit disappointed. It's still pretty, though and adds something nice and subtle to your natural lips. 

So I was kind of disappointed with this lipstick, but I can't vouch for all Avon lipsticks. I actually sell Avon so I can have a little pocket money.. And tons of ladies, basically my whole customer base, buys and repurchase the lipsticks. So perhaps this just isn't their best.

One other thing to add, though is that this lipstick has a scent. It's kind of that generic lipstick smell (which I don't really like.. like the smell of the L'oreal lipsticks in the gold tubes..) but kind of.. fruity, as well. For lack of a better word.. It doesn't bother me, though. I think it may remind me of the scent of the Rimmel lipsticks by Kate Moss, but I don't entirely remember how those smelt, haha.

And last is the quad in Mystery. The colors looked soooo gorgeous, and I knew if I had to pick just one item to try it would be this one! Again, though, I was a disappointed..

So this quad has a special case, where as the other True Color quads are just all black. I have two of them in Caribbean Sunset and Mocha Latte.. I love Mocha Latte and use it daily. I had only ever swatched Caribbean Sunset to be honest, though..

So here's a closer look at the shades. Top left is Purple Hazed, top right is Apricot Reflection, bottom left is Apricot Mystery, and bottom right is Glistening Woods.

They're super pretty, aren't they? They almost remind me of some of the shades in the Smashbox Be Discovered palette (They were out in stores, so I had to purchase online - it's on its way!!). I was super excited about this palette, but like I said.. I was a bit disappointed.

So here are the swatches.. From left to right is Purple Hazed, Apricot Reflection, Apricot Mystery and Glistening Woods. As you can see, the lighter colors are really quite sheer and are mostly shimmer. I swatched a ton of times trying to get a nice color payoff, and caused a ton of fallout trying to get the color. I suppose they could work for subtle highlighting or just for a very natural look.. The darker shades are more pigmented but it took a couple swipes and some serious swirling to get it. I suppose you could say the darker shades are kind of buildable. It took only one wipe with my hand though and these were gone.. The darker shades stayed, but just very, very faintly. The lighter shades were totally gone, though.

Now with my other quads, the lighter shades are, well, lighter.. They're more sheer, but I wouldn't say as sheer as these ones. And again, the darker shades seem more pigmented and have better payoff. I wear the Mocha Latte quad daily though and it holds up quite well throughout the day.

I swatched these on just a regular sheet of white paper after, to try and show the lighter colors a bit better.. Left to right is Apricot Reflection, Purple Hazed, Apricot Mystery and Glistening Woods.

Perhaps there's a film over these, and I need to break the shadows in a bit in order to get a slightly better payoff.. But I didn't have that problem with Mocha Latte.

Regardless, though, I'm still kind of excited to use this.. The darker shades are very pretty.

In the end, though, I'm glad that I didn't pay full price for these. The polishes are awesome, but I don't think I'd be too sad if I had passed on the lipstick and quad.

In case you are interested here are the prices..
Polishes: $3.49 but will be $6.99
Lipstick: $3.99 but will be $7.99
Quad: $6.99 but will be $9.99

Just to let you know, these products were purchased with my own money and these are my honest opinions! I think you can tell, haha.. Just because I sell Avon I didn't want anyone to think I'd sugarcoat things! ^.^

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