Day Eight

I wasn't able to get this up yesterday as I wasn't home, but here we go now! I'm almost done!
So here are my eight favorite nail colors and their brands in no particular order.. Swatches will be at the end.

Sweet by CND. This is a hot pink, Barbie color. It's almost, but not quite neon.. It's bright and eye-catching.

Brooch the Subject by Essie. This is actually my first and only Essie polish! I really liked the color.. It's just a nude color that actually almost matches my skin.. Essie's website describes it as "a creamy cashmere cameo".

Vodka & Caviar by OPI. This is a deep, blood red.. I love it. It's my favorite red polish. It's just a true red that isn't too blue or too orange. It's just perfect..! I wore it for Christmas with some gold sparkle on the tips of my nails.. beautiful!

IV by China Glaze. I just bought this recently and it's a favorite already! It's a beautiful creamy, pinky, coral color.

Mermaid's Tears by OPI. Ugh, I just adored the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. I wish I had gotten all of them! This is a gorgeous dusty, sage, sea-foam green.. It's just such a lovely color..! I wish I could describe it better!

For Audrey by China Glaze. Yep, this is also a favorite of mine already! It's a gorgeous robin egg blue that is close to Tiffany Blue. I'm joining the hype for this color! You simply must try it out!

Steady As She Rose by OPI. This is also from the POTC collection. It's a dusty, pale lavender. Isn't it such a pretty pastel color? It has pinkish and grey undertones..

Teenage Dream by OPI. This is from the Katy Perry collection and I think that I have to say... that this may be my number one favorite polish! I love this like no other! I just wear this alone with no other color underneath it. Glitter polishes are such a pain in the butt to take off but I don't even care! The glitter in this isn't chunky or tacky looking, it's small and fine and just perfect! I love the pink and it pairs absolutely perfectly with the glitter! It shimmers and sparkles like none other! I always get compliments on this whenever I wear it! Love it, love it, love it. If you can get your hands on it I definitely recommend trying it out.

Now onto swatches.. 

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