February Empties

This will be my first monthly empties post.. I only have three products for February, but let's get to it..! This will just be a quick and short post!

Love Etc... Body Wash by The Body Shop: I've had this for such a long time! It's finally all used up! I really liked the the Love Etc.. scent and I received the set with the body wash, body lotion, body butter and perfume as a gift. This is the first of the four I've used up! 

Would I buy this..? I'm not sure, actually..

Clean & Clear Facial Cleansing Wipes: I use these to remove my makeup, and sometimes if I'm really tired or lazy I just use them to wash my face.. I've tried lots of cleaning/makeup remover wipes like Biore, St Ives, Garnier.. And I think that these are my favorite.. I've repurchased tons of times!

Would I buy it again? Yep!

Nivea Dry Confidence Anti-Perspirant: I don't usually see people include deodorants in monthly empties.. It's a little odd, haha.. But since this is my first monthly favorites I wanted to have more then one product! This is the second stick I've used up of this..

Would I buy it again? Maybe.

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