March Empties

Well, it's time for another monthly empties post. I have three products again - they're all concealers! So let's see..

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: I used the shade Sand Sable as it coordinated with my Fit Me foundation shade. I stopped using the foundation as winter came because I found it was becoming too dark but I did continue to use the concealer.. I did quite like it. It's a pretty good concealer.

Would I buy it again..? Hmm, perhaps. I like trying out different concealers, and also I'm quite happy with my PhotoReady concealer at the moment.

CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Concealer: I used the shade Creamy Beige. I've had this concealer for quite a long time, actually. Some of you may say "Gross, you should have thrown that out!" It was fine, though. Now I looked this up because the name had rubbed off on the packaging.. And it actually say that this is for combo/oily skin and is named as an under-eye concealer. Now, I don't have oily skin but this has always worked fine for me. I found it did work best for concealing the under-eyes.. Not as well for redness or other imperfections..

Would I buy it again..? CoverGirl was one of the very first concealers I used.. Just not this specific one. I don't really think I would repurchase, though. It was alright and I think I preferred the Fit Me concealer.

NYC Cover Stick: Alright, this is super old. Older then the Fresh Complexion. Go ahead, you can go "Gross! You should have thrown that out long ago, too!" Oh well, it still worked perfectly fine. I'm pretty sure this is the first concealer I've ever used.. Not this particular tube, though. I'm pretty sure that the packaging has changed on these now, so yeah.. It's pretty old. One day during March, though I just happened to come across it in my collection and decided to use it.. I really liked the coverage it provided and I continued to use it until it was all gone. It's because of this that I got really interested in stick concealers.. It did drag and tug a bit on the skin, but I really liked it otherwise. I believe that I used the shade Medium.

Would I buy again..? No, I don't think so. My PhotoReady is basically my HG concealer stick.. and perhaps my HG concealer overall at the time.

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