March Favourites!

Alright, so it's time for monthly favorites again! I have only six products this month, and they are...

From left to right is Avon's Moisture Therapy cream, Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Avon's Mocha Latte quad and Revlon's PhotoReady concealer. And in the front is Benefit's Total Moisture facial cream and Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Too Cool.

Let's begin with..

Avon Moisture Therapy: So my mother actually had ordered a beauty pack from Avon which included this cream!  It says it's an intensive treatment, extra strength cream for extra dry skin. At the time my hands were super dry and cracked.. I tried a lot of creams and lotions etc. that I already owned but none took care of them and actually stung.. So I decided to try this.. Within a few days of using it my hands were completely healed! No more cracks or unbearable dryness. It was a lifesaver! I use it on the rest of my body, as well and it's great! My only complaint is the smell.. It smells like baby wipes and diapers.. Not the best thing to smell like.. It fades pretty quickly, though so it's not a big problem! 

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion: I already raved about this! I love it! You can't tell in the picture because it's shaken up but the bottle is half gone - and it's making me very sad! I just love this so much. So moisturizing and you only need a very small amount.. It just sinks into the skin so quickly and you can feel it working in seconds.. I love using this as my daily moisturizer before applying makeup!

Avon Mocha Latte Quad: Yep, another Avon product! I use this daily, it's make for a great very natural look. There are three matte shades and one shimmery shade! Pigmentation is alright, as well as staying power.. Not the best but it's okay for me for daily wear!

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer: I just recently wrote a review for this here! I love it! Best concealer I've used! 

Benefit Total Moisture: I've raved about this as well! I love it so much! There's only the tiniest amount left and I'm trying my best to make it last as long as I can! I do have another jar, but I just love it so much! Like with the Facial Emulsion you only need a little and it sinks in so fast, and you just feel it working like immediately. I like to use this at night!

Maybelline Color Tattoos: Now I loved all of my Color Tattoos this month..! I just found that I used Too Cool the most. I like to use it for highlighting, and if it isn't being very stubborn, as a base on my eyelids. I also wrote a review on the Color Tattoos which you can read here!

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