Review! China Glaze Matte Magic Top Coat

Alright, let me tell you guys something... This stuff right here is the bomb dot com. It is most definitely magic and I now wonder where it's been all my life.

Okay, so here are my nails before using Matte Magic. Glossy shine as usual, right? Then I applied it to just my middle finger..

Do you see the difference? Excuse the messy nails and just focus on the magic! It's now been turned magically matte! Now for the rest of the nails..

Now all of my nails are magically matte with this magical top coat, yay!

So this matte top coat is clear! It doesn't quite look totally clear in the bottle, but it is. Good sign! It applied just like a normal base coat or top coat.. clear and easy.. And it only took about five seconds for it to dry and turn your polish matte! And they will stay matte! For a super long time, like a month and perhaps even longer!

I had another matte top coat by CND which I didn't like at all. It was almost opaque or something.. It was a bit goopy.. It applied with a foggy opaque-ness.. It didn't even dry that matte.. My nails would still be quite glossy.. and it would alter the color of my polish..! And if you didn't apply it perfectly even.. spots where you may have applied more would look like it had that thick, foggy almost opaque layer over it.. And it didn't go away. Very ugly. I was quite disappointed because it was the first matte top coat I had tried and it was pretty expensive..!

Then I came across this gem! I got the China Glaze one for under three dollars! I would buy the full size in a heartbeat, though! Cheaper and actually works! It's magic! If you want matte nails you need to get this! I cannot express enough how magical this stuff is! I absolutely love it! 


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    1. Hi! I purchased from CosmoProf, a beauty supplier store. You need a license to shop there but I'm sure you can find it wherever else China Glaze is sold in your area!


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