Review! Maybelline Baby Lips

So I have another review today! Reena said that I should review Maybelline's Baby Lips so I decided that I will! So, let's start..

I have the Baby Lips in 005 Quenched, one of the two clear shades. I got this a few months ago, but have only used it for maybe a week... There was quite a lot of hype on these and a lot of people love them... Unfortunately, I do not.

The packaging is super cute and totally suckered me into purchasing.. That may be the only thing that I like, though. That and the fact that the price was fairly cheap.. As well as the fact that you get quite a lot of product! Unfortunately, though I do not think that it will ever get used up..


Here is what Maybelline claims..
-visibly renewed lips and 8 hour hydration
-exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20
-protects and moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours
-after 4 weeks lips are visibly renewed and reborn

So, this glides very easily onto the lips.. Just like.. butter. It feels slimy and uncomfortable.. It just sits on top of my lips and doesn't really absorb or feel moisturizing. It makes my lips look oily and greasy and as if I had just eaten a ton of greasy Chinese food (Megan will understand this..).

Baby Lips in 'Quench' applied to my lips

It also definitely does not last for eight hours. It seems to just magically disappear or wipe away, and if the chance is that it absorbed it didn't do anything to help my lips. I found myself almost constantly reapplying every five or ten minutes. My lips were always left the same way.. dry and chapped.. Not very attractive, haha. I wouldn't even say that these lasted one hour for me. 

Now for the SPF 20.. Great! Super! Gotta protect the lips, right? Unfortunately, though the balm has quite an awful SPF taste. Like sunscreen. Not pleasant. I really hate it and as I was trying to make myself like this product I would sit in fear of accidentally licking my lips and tasting that horrible taste! I really can't stand it.. And I couldn't get rid of the taste afterwards even after drinking water. Wah. I think that's the biggest factor I have to disliking these. I just cannot get over the taste. As for smell, it has a slight fruit smell but with SPF thrown in. Not something I'd go out of my way to smell, haha.

So I didn't like these and I don't think that I'd repurchase. Perhaps the tinted shades are nicer..? Anyway, let's go to pros and cons.

-super cute packaging..

-I don't think I will bother to fill this out..

So, in conclusion.. Sorry Baby Lips..! I think I'll stick with my EOS and Blistex.

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  1. Hi!!! Bought this today, have all the colors and I'd reccomend pinck punch or cherry me for that wow factor that u will definitely love. I agree about the quenched product not so moisturising, however after 4 weeks it does repair. Thanks! Great review


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