Review! Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows

Today I will be reviewing Maybelline's Color Tattoo eyeshadows! I had gotten three of the colors in this recent gets post back in February. I had picked up the shades Tough as Taupe, Too Cool and Bad to the Bronze! I've now had time to try them out and it's time for a review!

So from left to right is Tough as Taupe, Too Cool and Bad to the Bronze. I quite like the packaging. I really like the glass pots. You get 4g of product. You don't need very much so I can see these lasting for a very long time - I have been using them daily and have hardly made a dent! 

So the first picture is actually the bottom of the jar, I guess! The black part with the product information screws off to get to the product. This concept kind of reminds me of L'oreal's Infallible eyeshadows where you see can the product and color on the bottom.. on the more appealing side!

Tough as Taupe is a matte, shroomy taupe color. It is the shade that I had been most attracted to!

Too Cool is a shimmery white that can sometimes come off as a little silvery or greyish.

And Bad to the Bronze is a beautiful, shimmery deep, golden bronze color!

I apply these using either my fingers or a somewhat short and dense eyeshadow brush or concealer brush. These are buildable! So you can apply these as just a light wash of color or build them up to make them more opaque!

Here is Tough as Taupe, Too Cool and Bad to the Bronze applied lightly as just a wash of color.

So with your fingers these are very creamy and smooth with the exception of Too Cool.. No matter what I always end up with little clumps of product.. It always seems to build up in just one spot and it can be quite hard to try and blend out. I haven't had this problem with the other two shades though, they have been wonderful!

And using a denser brush you can pick up more color onto your lid than with your fingers, so I always use a brush if I want the color to be more opaque.

Here they are swatched more heavily! I'm not sure if you can see it but on Too Cool you can kind of see where it clumps up at the bottom of the swatch and it is very stubborn to blend out.

Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze swatch and blend out very easily and smooth, where Too Cool needs to be built up much more and can apply pretty patchy or streaky. I originally bought the shade intending to use it as a base but I usually just use it for highlighting because it's a bit too stubborn for me to apply to the lid.

Now onto staying power! These claim to stay for 24 hours.. but I don't know who would wear their makeup for that long..! These do have excellent staying power, though and will last all day without fading or creasing even without a primer! 

I kind of did a small test to test their staying power and was very impressed! I usually use some hand sanitizer to get off swatches but even with a generous amount these did not budge! The color didn't fade one bit or drag.. they literally didn't budge! No matter how hard I rubbed they just wouldn't budge! So then I got out the makeup remover!

First I tried out Clinique's Rinse Off eye makeup remover on a cotton swab on one side of the swatches. The first swipe picked up only the slightest amount of color, but otherwise it didn't budge! It took quite a few swipes to completely remove.

Then I used Lancome's Bi-Facil on the other side of the swatches.. It took off much more color on the first swipe than Clinique and definitely took less swipes to completely remove.

So then I tested using just soap and water. These didn't budge with the first wash.. And I had to scrub quite hard to get them off on the second wash! Even then, they were still faintly there. So staying power gets an A+!

So now let's just go to pros and cons!

-nice packaging
-awesome staying power!
-doesn't crease!
-smooth, creamy and easy to blend and apply
-you only need a little product so they will last you a very long time!

-Too Cool can be streaky, clumpy and patchy..
-I don't really have any other cons..! 

So I really love the Color Tattoos and I use them everyday! I would love to see them add more colors.. I had heard they may add a few more neutrals.. So if that's true I'll be all over them!

I definitely recommend these, so give them a try!


Thank you so much for reading! Leave a comment if you wish, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!