Review! Revlon Photoready Concealer

Today I'll be reviewing the PhotoReady concealer by Revlon! This is by far definitely the best stick concealer I've ever tried and I think it may be the best concealer I've tried in general!

Here is what Revlon has to say about the product:
-"All over face concealer helps erase imperfections and camouflage dark undereye circles"
-"Full yet undetectable coverage"
-"Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light"
-"SPF 20"

I use the shade Light Medium and it's a great match for me!  There are six shades in the line ranging from fair to deep, and I think almost anyone would be able to find a nice match. 

Left; Unblended/Right; Blended

Now one of the things I absolutely love about this concealer is that it's so incredibly creamy and smooth! Stick concealers can usually be a bit hard and tricky and can drag on your skin - this one just glides onto the skin, though! It glides so smoothly and doesn't drag or tug on your skin one bit. I find most stick concealers can especially drag and tug under the eyes, but this doesn't even there! It just glides on flawlessly anywhere on your face. And it's so easy to blend! Most stick concealers can be a little tricky to try to blend.. Well, not this one! You can easily blend this with either your fingers or a brush! I never imagined that a stick concealer could be so smooth, creamy and easy to blend! I love this stuff! Amazaaah!

Besides that, it also gives great coverage! Buh-bye dark undereye circles! Glide this baby on, blend it and bam! No more dark circles! The first time I used it all I could think was, "This is freaking awesome!"  It really does help to erase and camouflage darkness and imperfections. It does an awesome job concealing my dark spots I have from picking at my acne way back when! And also at concealing the redness I have from raised scars and bumps caused by the same thing! Unfortunately, it does not conceal texture.. But you can't really do that with any product. If something like that ever comes out I'll be all over it, though..! 

With other concealers I've used, as the day goes on my dark marks and redness would begin to show through a bit. PhotoReady hardly fades! It concealed my dark marks and redness great and by the end of the day it had only begun to fade a little bit! Also with other concealers I've used it can begin to look a bit flaky/cakey and dry on my forehead where the raised scars and bumps are.. This would get only ever so slightly that way by the end of the day and I could only notice getting as close to a mirror as I possibly could! I really love it and am quite impressed by how it conceals my dark marks and scars and holds up. 

I would say that this is medium coverage but can be built up! Whether you blend it in with your fingers or a brush it really is quite "undetectable"! It looks quite natural and it just blends beautifully!

Now, I don't notice any shimmer or anything like with the PhotoReady foundation.. Which is good because I don't want to look like Edward Cullen.. This doesn't accentuate and dry spots I may have, though. It works, though because my imperfections are basically gone!

And as for SPF 20 - awesome! Gotta protect that face! 

So just all in all this is a really great concealer and I love it! I prefer it over liquid concealers and any concealer I have owned! I think that I would definitely repurchase! Well, let's go to pros and cons..

-glides on and blends like a dream
-looks pretty natural
-conceals like a boss
-holds up very well with or without a primer!
-great coverage and is buildable
-nice packaging (your standard twist up stick concealer)

-can get ever, ever so slightly cakey on raised scars/bumps as the day goes on
-can sometimes settle into fine lines under the eyes (This only happens to me 1 time out of 10, and I believe it's because I hadn't moisturized well enough under my eyes! Whenever it ever does happen to me, though it happens while I'm still applying my makeup, so all you need to do it lightly blend it again and bam! Never happens again!)

The cons don't really bother me but I thought I need to let you know anyway! So, I love this concealer. I'm sure you've figured that out by now!


  1. Hi there!
    Do you think that for someone who's using concealer for the first time, it will be appropriate?

  2. very nice review!! i bought the same shade and its really awesome in concealing dark spots!!


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