Review! Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Primer

Today I have a review on the Fix & Perfect Primer by Rimmel! I have been using this for a good, long while now  and since I'm nearing the end of the product I thought I would put up a review on it! So let's go to it.

This primer claims to smooth skin, even out your complexion, minimize pores, and prolong foundation wear.

The packaging is good. It's just a simple squeeze tube that's easy to use and fit in your makeup bag.

It's an apricot color which may scare some people away from the product, but it blends away and disappears. It could be a problem for some fairer skinned people, but for the most part I've heard that it blends away for most. I think that the orange-y color may have been for the purpose of cancelling out darkness and blues. It's a creamy, middle (not too thin and not too thick) consistency that is quite easy to blend in! It doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable and it definitely does make your face feel smooth! I had quite a lot of acne on my forehead in the sixth grade and I had the bad habit of always picking at it.. So I have some dark acne marks and raised scars there. I found that this somewhat smoothed those bumps, though! Not by much, but slightly. I found that it did somewhat even out my skintone, as well.
Now pores aren't an issue to me, so I cannot say anything about that claim unfortunately..! Anyway, moving on.. Once applied it dries to a matte finish which I like. I don't have oily skin myself, but I find that that's definitely a plus. I do prefer matte finishes myself, though.
For my foundation I stipple it in with a stippling brush and then blend in any areas that need it with my fingers - and it was a smooth surface to blend into. I  did notice a slight difference between just moisturizer and using both moisturizer and Fix & Perfect for 'blendability'. 

So this is me after finishing my makeup and using Fix & Perfect. No editing or retouching. So my face is still matte, but I added some highlight to the bridge of my nose, cheeks and forehead. Foundation looks quite nice and smooth.

...Six/seven hours later and we're still good! Foundation still looks the same as it when it was first applied. I had been out in the cold and wind, gone to church and out to eat.. came home and then took this picture for comparison. Pretty good, huh? So this holds up a good six to seven hours! I found after that my foundation slightly started to slide and fade and just... not look as good. I think six/seven hours is quite good, though! So I did like this.. I'd like to try out the Fix & Perfect Pro as well! So let's end with an overview..

-simple, easy to use packaging
-does smooth your skin
-somewhat evens out skintone
-holds up for about six to seven hours
-doesn't set sticky or uncomfortably 

There's not really anything I didn't like about this product.. I think it's pretty good for the drugstore. To my preference the consistency could be a teeny tiny bit thinner, though..!

So if you're looking to try out different primers, need a cheap one or just one simply from the drugstore I'd say to give Fix & Perfect a try!

*In case anyone might have wondered.. I used and currently use Revlon's Colorstay foundation for normal/dry skin.

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