Review! Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss

So I have another review on a Rimmel product for you guys! Today I'll be reviewing the lipsticks by Kate Moss. I'd mentioned these earlier here. I had gotten two shades in 07 and 08.

08 and 07

We'll start with the packaging which I really like! It's just simple, sleek black packaging with Kate's signature in red and Rimmel's signature crown on top of the cap. I really love the red signature and feel as if it almost makes the tube look.. classier, for lack of a better word, haha. I really like sleek packaging, especially in black, so Rimmel has it down with these lipsticks.

Another thing about these lipsticks is that they have a scent. Personally, I find that it smells really good and I really like it, but I imagine that it could irritate some people. So if you don't like lipsticks with a scent I think I would advise staying away from these..

These  just glide onto the lips really smoothly, and are really nice and creamy. They're not drying at all and feel almost hydrating. They apply opaque and their finish is creamy and slightly glossy. It's a really nice finish and it feels quite nice on the lips.

I would have to say that these are definitely not lasting finish, though. If you're going to be eating, drinking, or even giving kisses, you can say goodbye to the color! It will come right off! I wore one of these to lunch on Sunday and the poor straw in my glass was just covered in a mauve mess. I found that if you aren't going to be doing any of these things, though that these lipsticks will last for quite a few hours. I went a good three of four hours wearing one of these without eating or drinking or anything and the color stayed quite well and true and kept it's original finish.

Here is 07 on my lips. No lipliner used.. 07 is a pretty natural shade. Sometimes I feel as if it has almost.. orange undertones or something (especially when viewing it in some pictures I was wearing it in). I'm not sure how to explain.. For the most part it's just a natural, pinky brown color. Very wearable and casual.

And here is 08. No lipliner used here, either.. 08 is also a pretty natural lip. It's just rosy, mauve color - very pretty and also very wearable and casual. I'd say it's a darker and brighter, but somewhat close color to the natural lips shade. I was wearing this in my review on Rimmel's Fix & Perfect which you can view here

Alright, so overview time..

-excellent packaging
-natural, pretty colors
-apply smooth and creamy
-has a lovely finish
-smells delicious...!

-will not last if eating, drinking or giving kisses

I think that that's the only con I have for these.. These aren't lipsticks that I would say you definitely need to try them out but if you're interested in them I would say to give them a shot! I do quite like them myself, and I may just pick up another one..

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