Gala Haul!

So the other night I attended the Look Good, Feel Better gala at Sears, where proceeds go towards cancer! It was my second time going and I had a blast! My mama works one of the stations giving updos and such.. So this time around I brought Megan with me so I wouldn't be walking around by myself! Every guest gets a little gift bag with a magazine, flower, a few goodies and samples! And you also get an $8 off coupon - yay! 

So there's everything that I got.. Most of it I got for free!

The first thing that I got is this Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge moisturizer! I actually won this in a Price is Right-esque game! I'm horrible at guessing prices and such so I was a little shocked that I had won! I'm always up for moisturizers so I'm excited to try this one out.

Then at the Lancome counter I finally got my hands on two of the Rouge in Love lipsticks!

Miss Coquelicot, Corail in Love

I chose the shades Miss Coquelicot and Corail in love. They're such beautiful spring-y shades! I definitely want to get more.. There's a few other colors I have had my eye on!

With my Lancome purchase I received a free gift! It came with this cute little silver cosmetic bag..

Samples of Bi-Facil eye makeup remover and Absolute Replenishing Cream.. (I already have a full size of Bi-Facil.. so this would've been nice to throw in a giveaway..! I haven't reached my mark yet to have one, though..)

Sample sizes of Le Crayon Kohl in Black Ebony, Hypnose Drama mascara, and Cils Booster XL mascara base..

And a sample of Bright Expert! You got to pick one of the products to have a second sample of and I chose to have two of these.. I'm all up for trying to lessen the appearance of the dark marks on my forehead so why not?! They're actually quite a nice size.. I probably didn't even need to choose to have a second one..!

Now at the fragrance counter if you purchased any fragrance you got a free bag and free little goody bag..

So I got Meow! by Katy Perry. I'm not the biggest fan of Katy Perry.. but I love the smell of Purr and Meow! I prefer Meow! a little more though, and I think it's also a little softer.. So I chose it! And also, I'm a crazy cat lady, so... I mean look at the bottle! It's to die for! I absolutely love it - too cute to describe.

For the free gift I chose the goody bag that had the Purr lotion and shower gel! I was excited that they had them! 

Also in the goody bag was this lip gloss.. It smells like candy! Like a Ring Pop or something.. Its scent reminds me of lip glosses I used to have when I was younger. The interesting thing about this, though..

It has a wand! Since it was in a tube I just expected it to squeeze out.. I was pretty surprised when I opened it to this! Reminds me of the tube mascara by Eyeko!

You also got a free bag along with your fragrance purchase! I chose this fantastic Lise Watier bag! I absolutely love it, it's adorable! And the interior is this gorgeous hot pink! And unbeknownst to me it came with even more goodies inside!

Inside the bag was the Foiles Neiges body lotion by Lise Watier, as well as a little sample of Resist-Age Cell Matrix Metamulsion.

Since my mom was working a station she also got a thank you gift! She received a bit Ralph Lauren tote bag with lots of goodies inside! 

She got a bottle of the Kim Kardashian perfume and told me that I could have it since she doesn't really wear perfumes.. She prefers body sprays/splashes and finds most perfumes too strong. Now I can't stand Kim Kardashian.. but I really like this scent a lot!

She also said that I could have these body lotions since she probably won't use them and finds them a little strong.. This is Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci and Acqua di Gioia - both smell super nice!

So that's all.. as you can see I really did get a lot of goodies! As always, thank you for reading!

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