Review! Nivea's Gentle Toner

So this toner from Nivea is the first I've tried.. I don't see toner as a must in the skincare routine but I was interested in trying one and this was quite cheap so I picked it up to try.  It's for dry to sensitive skin and claims to gently clarify and soothe.

So after washing my face I use a cotton pad with this. It has a slight fragrance.. Kind of floral.. Or like baby powder. It doesn't bother me. 

When you open the cap you have to shake the product out.. Like a soy sauce bottle for lack of a better word/reference! I can't think of the right thing to say! I find it a little difficult to get the right amount of product, and it can sometimes splash around a bit and get wasted if you're not careful. 

This toner is definitely gentle. I don't really have sensitive skin, but it's not harsh and it doesn't dry me out. I use it mostly on my nose and chin where I tend to get a little bit oily.. Sometimes I use it on the rest of my face if I feel as if I haven't cleaned thoroughly enough. 

On days I hadn't washed thoroughly enough this does get rid of the remaining makeup on my face.. So it will pick it up if there's any left! For a while I didn't think that this product was doing anything for me.. but that was just me washing my face well enough! 

I do like this, but I'm not sure if I would repurchase. Toner isn't a must for me.. and most of the time I don't need the help of it to remove makeup or anything as the products I've used prior have already taken care of the job.

I didn't notice any big or very noticeable differences using this product.. It does give me more of a clean feeling, though. It just kind of soothes my skin after having been washed and prepares me for my moisturizer! 

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