Recent Gets!

Yesterday I picked up a few things! I got..

Sally Hansen Kwik Off Acetone Free Nail Color Remover... I love this stuff! My other jar had finally dried out so I needed to pick this up! You know how impatient I am with all things nails.. And that goes for removing polish as well! Removing it with this is super quick and easy, though! Dip your finger in for a few seconds, then just pop it back out and there you go! Completely polish free! I prefer this over bottled polish removers.. They take longer to remove my polish and just irritate me.. I don't like having to get a cotton ball or something to use with it either. So really, this stuff is my HG polish remover! And I also like that it's acetone free!

Freeman Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber... This was a little bit of an impulse buy. I had been kind of intrigued by it and when I spotted it I just went ahead and got it. Lucky it's quite cheap! I used it last night and liked it. I think I may do a separate review for it, though! I've got to say though, peeling it off was so much fun, haha.

And last I got Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 130 Buff Beige.. I loved the Fit Me foundation.. I haven't used it since the summer and during that time I had used 210 Sandy Beige.. Coming into winter though I needed a shade a little lighter and picked up Revlon Colorstay in 220 Natural Beige.. I find that Buff Beige is a happy medium between the two! Not as light as Natural Beige and not as dark as Sandy Beige. This was also on sale, yay! So we'll see if this has still remained my favorite foundation..

Thank you for reading, as always! xo

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