Review! Mary Kay Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss

Today I'll be reviewing one of the cream blushes by Mary Kay in Sheer Bliss. This is actually the first makeup I've used by Mary Kay.. I've used some of their skincare items before but never the makeup. I got this when my mother asked if there was anything I wanted to try, because if she spent a certain amount more she would receive a free lipgloss set. I was interested in the cream blushes and decided to give it a try.. 

It comes in little standard compact.. It can be a little bit tricky for me to open but nothing too frustrating! As you can see the packaging is not very fingerprint friendly! I wasn't aware it was so smudged until I uploaded the pictures!

So once you open it up if of course comes with a mirror and the product itself. Unbeknownst to me my mother had opened this before I even knew it had arrived and swatched it.. So there's her fingerprint in there! Our Mary Kay lady was telling her about how it's a cream to powder finish and she told me she couldn't resist trying it. 

So it's just a very pretty, fresh and rosy pink.. It has major glitter, though! You can see all the shimmer and sparkle from the photo! It's really packed full.. I really wish it was more of just a subtle shimmer..

Right Blended, Left Unblended

Top Unblended, Bottom Blended

As you can see it's just a very, very sheer and slight wash of color.. Just looking at my wrist I could hardly even tell there was anything there once blended, though.. Looking at the pictures I can see that something showed up, though. Again, I really wish that sparkle wasn't there.. I would have preferred a very fine and subtle shimmer instead of having random sparkles on me.. 

I didn't find this to be all that buildable, either.. The blended swatch is actually quite a few generous swipes all blended together on top of each other and it didn't seem to make a difference.

On a lighter note, when you touch this product it's just so incredibly smooth and creamy and glides right onto your finger. It feels soooo nice! And it also does blend quite easily..

I wore it today and again, as you can see it's just very sheer..  It gives just a sheer, natural glow.. It doesn't even really look like I'm wearing blush.. It looks more like a highlighter and I wasn't wearing any here! I found most of the color blended away and I was left with mostly random sparkles all over my cheeks..

I went to church and then when I came back I checked to see how it had held up.. I almost forgot I had even applied any blush that morning. It looked like I had never had any on at all.. There was not a single trace! Except for maybe one or two little random sparkles.. 

So I am a little disappointed but I'll still use it.. It'll be nice for no-makeup makeup looks, I guess! It does give a nice natural glow but with my experience it faded within an hour or so..

-super nice and creamy
-glides onto finger smoothly
-pretty easy to blend
-good for a natural glow

-a little pricey
-very sheer, and not very buildable
-poor color selection (only two shades)

So I really don't think this was worth $18, which is what it cost here. I believe it costs around $13-18 depending on where you are. Now I may try this again with a primer or even setting it with a separate blush.. Now I cannot speak for the other shade which is 'Cranberry', a deep and matte cranberry red shade.. But I do not think I will be trying that one.

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  1. Aww it sucks that the pigmentation is so lacking.. it definitely gives you a nice natural glow though :)


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