Smashbox Be Discovered Palette

So, as you know from my latest post I finally got the Be Discovered palette by Smashbox that I've been wanting! I love it already and I have some swatches and stuff to share with you!

So here's the little box the palette comes packaged inside - it's cute! Here's what the back says about the palette:

"Be discovered with this iconic eye palette for famously beautiful eyes. Including eight richly pigmented, blendable shadows, this palette has the perfect hues to skyrocket you to stardom."

So let's see what the actual packaging of the palette looks like..

Super cute, isn't it?! So it's just a smaller palette, it's about the size of my hand. It's pretty sturdy with a good weight. It has magnetic closure that's pretty secure but I think I would have preferred if it had more secure closure like a snap.. I can't think of the word right now, I'm sorry! When you open it up it comes with a mirror and of course the eight shadows. There's a plastic insert over the mirror to protect it. The mirror is a good size, it's almost as big as the cover itself.

So here's palette once you open it so that you can see the mirror and shadows! Aren't the colors gorgeous? From top, left to right is Bliss, Rosewater, Opal, Mist, Adobe, Champagne, Pebble, and Lilac. They're all easy to match and put together, and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them - they all go together well! 

The shadows are all very soft, smooth and silky. Because they're so soft they can create a little bit of fallout in the pan, but nothing very messy. They all blend quite nicely and they're nicely pigmented and translate well onto the skin. I find that you get the exact color! The only color I found a bit stubborn to swatch was Pebble.. It was a little more sheer then the others but you can easily build it up.

Now onto swatches.. I apologize for the pictures - I did my best to get good pictures! I'm including two pictures as one came out with a little warmer coloring.

These were taken indoors with natural lighting.. One with flash and one without. I've listed the names above the shades so that you don't have to go back and check! I've swatched these over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, in case you would like to know.

Now I didn't swatch Bliss that well.. It is a light color but it really isn't as sheer as it appears in the photos. That's my fault, though as I didn't get a good amount!

So I hope that I did the colors justice.. It's difficult for me to get good swatch photos! I'm trying to improve, though! 

I can't wait to play around and wear these shades.. They're so pretty and perfect for spring!

And, in case anyone was wondering.. I purchased this palette for $51.00 Canadian from the Sephora website!

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