April Favorites!

Well, here are my favorites for the month of April! I have five products, which from left to right are the Smashbox Be Discovered palette, Lancome's Doll Lashes mascara, the Kim Kardashian fragrance, Revon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait and my Revlon PhotoReady concealer in Light Medium.

We'll start with the Smashbox palette.. In short, I love this thing! I wrote a review and provided swatches for it here. The shades I had been using the most are Bliss, Opal, Adobe and Pebble. They're great colors to wear just everyday for a nice, natural look!

I had stopped using my Doll Lashes mascara for a bit, and began using it again during April. I really do like this mascara, it's probably my favorite after my Maybelline Colossal. And I also just really love the packaging - so nice! I just love how this curls my lashes and makes them look.

Next is the Kim Kardashian perfume. I got this here. As I said, I really can't stand Kim Kardashian.. but I really love this scent! I've been wearing it everyday! The scent is absolutely lovely and it's not too overpowering and strong. 

Another product I loved this April were the Revlon Lip Butters.. I reviewed and provided swatches for four of them here! The one I've been wearing the most is Peach Parfait. It's just very nice and natural! They feel so nice on the lips and there's no need to apply a balm prior!

And next is the Revlon PhotoReady concealer.. This was also a favorite for March! I reviewed and raved about it here!

And there's actually another product that I had forgotten to include in the picture..!

It's the Nutura Replenishing Cream by Avon! Now my mom has used this for years.. and then I heard that my friend had been using it as well and it cleared her acne and helped to prevent more. I had some pesky pimples at the time so I decided to give this a try.. My mom had a few stocked up so I got my own jar! And guess what? After a few days my pimples did clear up! Plus, this is also a great moisturizer! It leaves my skin very soft and supple and almost radiant! I really love this stuff! It's definitely worth giving a try and these are almost always on sale in the Avon campaigns! Sometimes even as low as around $3.49! It's a great product!

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