Review! Avon Glow Bronzing Brush

So, from Avon's Glow collection I also decided to try out the brush.. It was $5.99. I've never really been interested in Avon's brushes because honestly, I didn't expect the quality to be anything great. The reason I got this brush, though is pretty much because I loved how it looked..! It was pretty cheap so it wouldn't be a big loss to my wallet if it wasn't any good.

Okay, so the first thing I want to say is.. This brush is so incredibly soft! I definitely wasn't expecting it, but it's amazingly soft! It's the softest brush I have and the softest brush I've ever felt! I could just feel it all day! How can something be so soft and wonderful?! I wish I had a blanket as soft as this!

This brush  just feels so nice that I could talk about just that forever.. So let's move on..!

The brush is smaller then my hand, about the size of just my palm. I like it. It's pleasant to hold and easy to control the pressure of application. I found that the ferrule is the teeniest tiniest bit loose from the handle depending on how you handle it. It's nothing major and nothing to worry about, though! I also haven't experienced any shedding so far. All the hairs seem to be quite well secured. Oh, and totally forgot to mention.. The hairs are nylon bristles.

The campaign book says that this brush is designed for perfect Glow Bronzer application.. I have tried it out with bronzers (as well as the Glow Bronzers) but I prefer to use it for highlighting! That's my favorite thing to use it for! I find that it's just perfect to highlight the high points of my cheeks, and it's great to sweep across the chin and forehead as well.

It picks up product pretty well. With certain products it actually looks as if it hadn't picked up any product at all - but it does! It picks up the perfect little amount! Again, especially for highlight purposes.

I'm really enjoying this brush.. I've actually been thinking about getting another one because I like it so much! 

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