Review! Avon Glow Eye Liner

Alright, I'm back with reviews for all those Avon products! Today will be the Glow Eye Liners (really just special/le glimmersticks..!)

Now I love Avon's Glimmerstick eye liners.. They're probably the first eyeliners I'd ever used and I still use them today! They're awesome! Definitely one of Avon's gems! They apply so smoothly, don't smudge, have pretty great staying power, are just all in all easy to apply and more! I love them! 

Anyway, I got the colors Copper Paradise and Desert Gold from the Glow collection. They also had a teal color and a violet, but I already have an awesome teal liner and wasn't that interested in the violet. I decided on these more natural colors for, well, a natural look! 

Copper Paradise, Desert Gold

So, if you're not familiar with these liners they have great packaging! Great to throw in your bag for on the go! They're twist-ups and self sharpening! They do a pretty good job at staying 'sharpened'!

Desert Gold, Copper Paradise

So Desert Gold is just a pale gold, and is a little sheer.. Copper Paradise is a rich and pretty copper! They're pretty colors, great to pair with a tan!

Now I found Desert Gold could drag a little and wasn't as easy to apply as Copper Paradise.. I prefer to use it more for subtle highlighting purposes line in the inner corner of the eye, even as a pop on the lower lashes!

Copper Paradise, like all my glimmersticks, glides on very smooth and creamy! It applied so nicely! It was a piece of cake! The color transferred great and was just as rich as the swatch on my wrist! It's a nice little change to use instead of a regular black or brown liner!

I'd always recommend the regular line of glimmerstick liners, so I'd recommend these ones as well!

I got these when they were on sale for $3.99, but they will be $7.99! Avon, as always though, is always having sales! You can always get these liners cheap!

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