Review! Avon Nailwear Pro Enamel in Venus

Eek, I apologize for the fingerprints and such on the bottle! I don't notice these things until I crop the photo.. Kind of embarrassing! Anyway here is Avon's Venus.

It's kind of a unique color.. It's not quite gold, copper, etc. or anything.. It's almost kind of like.. perhaps a rose gold.. somewhat.. I'm having a total brain fart trying to describe this color! I have seen others describe it as a butterscotch.. I think the interpretation is up to the wearer!

Anyway, with one coat I found that it was opaque enough for me.. I think if you wanted it a little more opaque two coats would be more then enough. It was a very nice and easy formula, not too sheer or too thick or anything.. Just about right! The brush was also a great size and I really enjoyed using it.

The finish is interesting! It's kind of frosty.. kind of metallic.. At times when I look at my nails it looks as if I'm wearing metallic nail stickers!

I find that the polish changes with different light and different angles, so getting a nice picture was kind of difficult.

I had actually thought this polish would be a little more sheer and more of a nude when I saw it in my preview catalog.. That's why I got it! I wanted a nice sheer, nude polish.. So it's definitely not what I was expecting but it's cool!

I got this when it was $3.49, opposed to regular $6.99.

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