Review! Avon Shine Attract Lipstick

Shine Attract Lipstick in "Guava"

When the Shine Attract lipsticks first came out I saw them as kind of gimmicky, and thought it would be difficult to get proper color distribution having the color just in the middle and the gloss surrounding.. Something about the shade Guava kept drawing me back in, though. So, when I saw them go on sale I decided to try them out as I really wasn't too fond on the $12 they're originally priced at.

Here is what they say about the product in the campaign book..

"The perfect balance of luscious color, hydrating gloss & soft shine in one ingenious package."

First off, I really do like the packaging. It's very sleek and pretty. I really like the silver tubing.

These do have a slight scent.. Right now I can't think of the words to decribe it.. Not that I'm all that great at describing scents in the first place. It's kind of like a generic lipstick scent but also kind of sickly sweet.. I'm not the biggest fan of it but I don't really notice it unless I go out of my way to take a whiff of the tube.

Now, these do glide on super smoothly! And they do feel very nice on the lips. They really do feel hydrating.. I suppose they kind of feel similar to Revlon lip butters. So the clear layer is the gloss.. And it gives the lips a nice shine. My gripe, though, is that because the gloss surrounds the actual color application can be un-even.. Most of the color only gets onto the middle of the lips.. So you'll have to rub your lips together and such to try and even it out. I think it would've been a better idea to perhaps add the gloss to the middle of the product! The color is also pretty sheer. Guava is kind of the shade of my lips.. It just gives my natural lips a bit more life with the shine and color. I don't mind this, but with lighter shades offered I imagine they would barely show up..

Swatched on the inside of my wrist.. This is actually quite a few swipes.. It didn't really show up that well and there is only a thin strip of the color sandwiched between the gloss..

On my lips.. It just adds a bit more life to my natural lips..

I find that these also have a taste.. That I really don't like. I do my best to avoid getting any of this in my mouth because I dislike the taste so much. It's a similar taste to that of my Maybelline Babylips balm in Quenched.. Which I hated. This doesn't slip into my mouth as easily, though.

Staying time is also average.. Nothing horrible but nothing totally fantastic. The shine fades and the color will dull out a bit.. I wasn't drinking or eating but I felt the shine faded within an hour of wear and the color wasn't as noticeable, even though it's sheer and a "my lips" color to begin with.

So I don't really think I would repurchase.. And I really don't see myself ever paying full price for these. I prefer my Revlon lip butters, which now that I think about it, I do find somewhat similar.


  1. Thank you for the honest review. I am thinking of purchasing but not so sure about AVON as I have tried their quality and it is only ok.
    Here is my blog
    Thanks I enjoyed reading the review.

  2. It can be a little hit and miss, but they definitely have their gems! :) Thank you for reading! I'll check out your blog, too :)


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