L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Magnetic Coral

For the summer L'Oreal released some new fun and bright shades of the Color Infallible eyeshadows. There are six shades but I got just one. The Infallible eyeshadows are pretty amazing - I have another in the shade Goldmine that I love, so I had no worries about the formula or anything! 

So I obviously purchased the color Magnetic Coral. If you're unfamiliar with these shadows they have the pretty side on the bottom and the cap with all the information on the top (like the Maybelline Color Tattoos).

They also come with a little stopper that you should keep to make sure the shadow stays pressed and the formula stays wonderful. So listen to the stopper and keep it!

So Magnetic Coral is obviously a coral! It's just the prettiest, shimmery coral, though and I was in love at first swatch! It's more of an orange-y coral then pink, and also kind of peachy. Isn't a gorgeous coral, though? 

I told myself I would wear more color this summer because I'm a very neutral girl (I'm wearing some teal eyeliner today so go me!) so this would be perfect for adding a pop of color! The Infallible eyeshadows are a bit more expensive for drugstore, being about $9 before taxes and such.. so as much as I love them that's why I hadn't purchased more then one before. This was so gorgeous though and like I said, I've been wanting to add more color for the summer so that will be my reason for purchasing other then just 'but it was pretty!

The new shades have the same great formula. They're just so soft and buttery and wonderful. They're silky and light and the texture is amazah. Plus they wear really well even without a primer!

So if you're wanting to add more color for the summer like me you should check out the new shades because they're lovely!

Review! theBalm Frat Boy Blush

Frat Boy is the last theBalm item I ordered from Hautelook. I've had my eye on it for a while  now, and I'm very happy to finally have it! As always the packaging is super cute - I think I've gone on enough about how cute theBalm's packaging is, haha!

See how freaking cute this is? It's a little football field! And the quote! Just everything..! I love their packaging so much I could die! The blush is housed in pretty sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure, I'm not the biggest fan of that but again, it's so cute I don't even care!

So Frat Boy is described as a peachy apricot color which I would agree with. It's also a matte blush, so no shimmer or anything. Here's what they say about it on theBalm's website..

"Give him a rush he won't forget when he sees you in this velvet-y smooth, peachy-apricot shadow/blush. Talc and paraben-free, Frat Boy's fine-graded powder formula adds the perfect amount of color for a foxy flush so you look stellar around the clock. Whether you're mixing it up or cutting a rug, you're left with a face that's pretty, polished and totally pledge-worthy. When you can't keep the boys away, blame it on the blush."

And to go along with their packaging don't they have the cutest descriptions of their products? I think it's charming, haha!

Unblended, Blended

So this blush is very smooth, soft and super pigmented! A little goes a long way! It's easy to get too much product with this blush even when using a light hand. You only need a light touch and then to dab or tap off the excess and you'll be good! Like always, it's better to start with less then too much! Frat Boy gives the perfect flush, but you can easily build it up however you want it! It applies smoothly and is pretty easy to blend, plus it lasts for almost the whole day! 

I'm very happy with this blush and I've love to try out theBalm's others! I think Cabana Boy may be next on my list..! I'm really loving theBalm products - they've done nothing but impress me so far!

Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm!

I'm happy to say that I now own the Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm! I've wanted this product for a while and when theBalm was on Hautelook a while back I was very excited to see this included! I can now check this off of my makeup wishlist!

So I also own the Betty-Lou Manizer by theBalm which I wrote a small overview of here, if you're interested! I'm happy to own both of them!

So like with all theBalm products the packaging is super adorable with that retro, vintage vibe! While the Betty-Lou Manizer had a Wanted poster, Mary-Lou has a very sassy mugshot! I love it! 

Now here's what theBalm's website has to say about this product..

"Meet Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody's eye. This highlighter, shadow, and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. Layer it on your lids for luxe-looking lashes, sweep it on your cheeks for a sexy sheen, or use as an all-over finishing touch before you head out for the night."

So like the Betty-Lou Manizer, the Mary-Lou Manizer is in a little compact with a nice, secure closure.

I really love highlighters and highlighting products and this is no exception! It's just absolutely gorgeous! It's super smooth and wonderful and blends out beautifully. It applies like a dream! The color is like the perfect champagne color - it's not too gold or white or anything else. It's not overly sparkly and doesn't leave fallout. It just gives you a beautiful glow! It's also not a highlight that will accentuate your pores or make you look greasy - thumbs up! It lasts really well, too! It's just a really nice product, and again, I'm very happy to finally own it!

Unblended, Blended

As usual, you only need a small amount as a little goes along way, and there's quite a bit of product so it will last you for quite a while! I can see myself repurchasing this even for full price!

I haven't seen a negative review of this yet, and I've seen many people say that this is the best highlighter out there/that they've tried! And honestly, I'd have to say that it is the best highlighter I've used and it's definitely my favorite! I've been using it pretty much everyday since I got it!

Now I haven't used this as an eyeshadow yet, but the Betty-Lou Manizer makes a beautiful shadow, so I can only imagine how this would look! I'll have to try it out as a shadow, soon!

Basically, I'm in love with this product. It's definitely worth it - you've gotta get it and see for yourself!

The Scrub of Your Life by Soap & Glory!

I had been intrigued by Soap & Glory products for quite a while now. Most of that has to do with the packaging! First of all - it's pink!! And second the retro vibe and such is super cute. Reminds me a little bit of theBalm I think.. So the packaging is adorable and as you know I'm a sucker for packaging. I was pretty much already sold. Their items are a bit more on the pricey side though, so that's why I've held off on trying them out yet.

I finally ran out of the scrub I'd been using, though and that created the perfect opportunity to try them out! The Scrub of Your Life was the lesser priced scrub so I got that one. It was about $16 and I ended up paying around $20 with taxes and such. So again, a bit pricier, but worth it I think!

"We'd suggest you follow all this with a Soap & Glory body moisturizer, but we're biased."
How cute is that? haha. Maybe once I'm no longer poor and can afford to buy one of their moisturizers! 

So here's what they say about The Scrub of Your Life on Soap & Glory's website:

"It's thick, it's foamy, it's fantastically fresh, it's satisfyingly stuffed with just the right ratio of scrubbing beads. Scented with our Original Pink fragrance."

So it comes, obviously, in a standard squeeze tube and has 200ml of product.

So like they stated, the product does has a scent. In my honest opinion it kind of smells like a perfume my grandma would wear or something.. I don't hate it nor do I love it. Once again, I suppose that's I'm neutral towards it. It is a very fresh and clean scent, though. It lingers a bit on the skin but I don't mind it. If you're sensitive to smell or just don't like the scent of this it may bother you, though.

So I feel that this scrub isn't too gentle or too rough - it's like a perfect, happy medium! It's a great consistency. The beads don't burst within seconds, either - they give you lots of time to scrub away to your heart's content! I really like this, I don't like when beads in other scrubs immediately burst or just don't feel like they're doing anything in the first place. 

While in the shower I could feel my skin feel smoother and softer, and once I got out and dry I feel like it still was a bit softer.. I don't know if that's just me trying to believe the claims or not, though! Either way I still really enjoy it! The last scrub I used I would hardly call a scrub.. The beads were soft and burst within the first rub and I felt like it wasn't really doing anything! That's definitely not the case with this, though! I've really been liking it and I'm very interested in trying more products by Soap & Glory in the future!

Quick NOTD

I wanted to share my nails because I thought they were cute.. haha! Obviously they're nothing amazing or anything that's never been done before, but still...! Yes, I still suck at painting my nails. And I just noticed I have chocolate on my thumb.. Embarrassing.

Anyway this is the lovely For Audrey by China Glaze with Sugar Sparkle by CND on my ring finger! I think Sugar Sparkle looks very pretty on top of this. I used two coats of For Audrey and then about three or four coats of Sugar Sparkle because, duh, I wanted to have lots of sparkle!

So here's just a very short post! I should be posting up some new reviews soon! 

Review! theBalm Balm Girls Lipstick in Ima Goodkisser

First of all can we just look at how cute the packaging of theBalm products is? I love the vintage feel. All their packaging is just adorable. I mean, seriously. I love it.  And of course I'm a sucker for packaging. 

Anyway, I got this lipstick off of Hautelook when theBalm was on along with a few other things. I purchased the shade Ima Goodkisser because it looked like a nice color for the summertime.

This shade is described as a "soft, shimmering coral" on theBalm's website. It's more of a pinky coral then an orange. 

Here's a small swatch on the inside of my wrist.. As you can see the shimmer is pretty noticeable. I'm not much of a fan of shimmer or frosts or anything like that, so..

And here it is on my lips.. I don't really like the way it looks on me. I think it's mostly because of the shimmer. I'm not sure. I can't completely pinpoint what it is about it that I don't like that much on me. I think it would look really nice on fairer skintones..

This lipstick has a very slight mint scent and also taste.. You can feel a little bit of a minty tingle. I almost feel as if it very slightly plumps my lips.. 

It's a bit of a harder lipstick.. It's not as smooth or creamy as other lipsticks that I own. It drags a bit more and such. And it can really accentuate fine lines and dryness on my lips..

So I don't love this lipstick and I don't hate it, either. I suppose I'm kind of neutral!  There are five other shades - a red, berry, nude, bronze and a pink. The other colors don't quite appeal to me all that much but the red does look pretty awesome!

I don't think I would purchase another one of these, though. I'm also glad that I didn't pay full price.  I love theBalm but this lipstick isn't up with my favorite products.

Review! Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lipcolor in Cantaloupe

So, I'm back today with a review! This is Avon's Beyond Color Plumping Lipcolor with retinol and SPF 15 in the shade Cantaloupe. I had always been a bit intrigued by this shade but never decided to try it out. My mom wanted to order a lipstick, though and there was a deal.. So I decided to try it out this time!

If you didn't know, I sell Avon myself. My customers seem to like this lipstick a lot so I'd heard good things about it. I guess it's about time I try it out myself!

Something I noticed is that this has a very, very slight scent.. Reminds me of the Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipsticks by Rimmel but again, much more slight. I almost didn't notice at first, so I don't think it'd be a problem if you don't really like scents.

Alright, so this lipstick is super creamy and nice! It just glides onto the lips! It's just so creamy and buttery smooth! Very nice! I think it may be the creamiest lipstick I have..!

Here it is just swatched on the inside of my wrist..

And here it is on my lips.. I have weird, uneven lips, I know! So the color is a bright orangey, coral. It reminds me of Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti but more opaque! My lip swatches look almost identical..! I prefer my lip butter though, I think that this is just a bit too opaque and orange on me..! We'll see...!

Staying power is pretty good.. It did transfer to the water bottle I was drinking from, but it's so creamy I wasn't surprised! This did leave a bit of color/a stain once the creaminess is gone.. I had tested this at night and wiped it off to go to bed and the color was still kind of stained on my lips.

So it's a nice lipstick..! I'm not sure I would try any other shades because they're a bit older, more mature colors.. Like deep browns and mauves which isn't really me. 

Anyway, these are regularly $9.99, but as always, Avon is always having good deals and sales!

May Empties

So for the month of May I was able to finally finish up these two products! They've lasted foreverrrr! They say it's a 33% larger size. Anyway, they are the St Ives Exfoliating Apricot Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash and the St Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Wash.

The Exfoliating Apricot claims to naturally exfoliate to reveal smooth, radiant skin. I didn't find that this was the greatest exfoliating scrub.. It was quite gentle and used beads. I felt it didn't quite exfoliate.. The beads seemed to burst very quickly. So, it was okay but I don't think that I would buy it again..

And the Oatmeal & Shea Butter claims to soothe dry, itchy skin. I never had this problem because I keep myself well moisturized..! So I can't say anything there, myself. My brother had this problem though and he used this a few times and said it did help - so I guess it does work! It's a nice body wash either way! I'm not sure I would repurchase this either, though. I like trying out new ones, anyway.

And of course I went through another pack of my Clean & Clear Cleansing Wipes..! Again, I've already repurchased!

Thank you for reading, and have you finished up any products in May?