Review! Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lipcolor in Cantaloupe

So, I'm back today with a review! This is Avon's Beyond Color Plumping Lipcolor with retinol and SPF 15 in the shade Cantaloupe. I had always been a bit intrigued by this shade but never decided to try it out. My mom wanted to order a lipstick, though and there was a deal.. So I decided to try it out this time!

If you didn't know, I sell Avon myself. My customers seem to like this lipstick a lot so I'd heard good things about it. I guess it's about time I try it out myself!

Something I noticed is that this has a very, very slight scent.. Reminds me of the Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipsticks by Rimmel but again, much more slight. I almost didn't notice at first, so I don't think it'd be a problem if you don't really like scents.

Alright, so this lipstick is super creamy and nice! It just glides onto the lips! It's just so creamy and buttery smooth! Very nice! I think it may be the creamiest lipstick I have..!

Here it is just swatched on the inside of my wrist..

And here it is on my lips.. I have weird, uneven lips, I know! So the color is a bright orangey, coral. It reminds me of Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti but more opaque! My lip swatches look almost identical..! I prefer my lip butter though, I think that this is just a bit too opaque and orange on me..! We'll see...!

Staying power is pretty good.. It did transfer to the water bottle I was drinking from, but it's so creamy I wasn't surprised! This did leave a bit of color/a stain once the creaminess is gone.. I had tested this at night and wiped it off to go to bed and the color was still kind of stained on my lips.

So it's a nice lipstick..! I'm not sure I would try any other shades because they're a bit older, more mature colors.. Like deep browns and mauves which isn't really me. 

Anyway, these are regularly $9.99, but as always, Avon is always having good deals and sales!


  1. This is a beautiful color Avon did a great job on these with their action and bring a wonderful product back, it works wonders for sure love all the colors, but Orange and corals are my all time fav besides red's Great blog and post.


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