Review! theBalm Frat Boy Blush

Frat Boy is the last theBalm item I ordered from Hautelook. I've had my eye on it for a while  now, and I'm very happy to finally have it! As always the packaging is super cute - I think I've gone on enough about how cute theBalm's packaging is, haha!

See how freaking cute this is? It's a little football field! And the quote! Just everything..! I love their packaging so much I could die! The blush is housed in pretty sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure, I'm not the biggest fan of that but again, it's so cute I don't even care!

So Frat Boy is described as a peachy apricot color which I would agree with. It's also a matte blush, so no shimmer or anything. Here's what they say about it on theBalm's website..

"Give him a rush he won't forget when he sees you in this velvet-y smooth, peachy-apricot shadow/blush. Talc and paraben-free, Frat Boy's fine-graded powder formula adds the perfect amount of color for a foxy flush so you look stellar around the clock. Whether you're mixing it up or cutting a rug, you're left with a face that's pretty, polished and totally pledge-worthy. When you can't keep the boys away, blame it on the blush."

And to go along with their packaging don't they have the cutest descriptions of their products? I think it's charming, haha!

Unblended, Blended

So this blush is very smooth, soft and super pigmented! A little goes a long way! It's easy to get too much product with this blush even when using a light hand. You only need a light touch and then to dab or tap off the excess and you'll be good! Like always, it's better to start with less then too much! Frat Boy gives the perfect flush, but you can easily build it up however you want it! It applies smoothly and is pretty easy to blend, plus it lasts for almost the whole day! 

I'm very happy with this blush and I've love to try out theBalm's others! I think Cabana Boy may be next on my list..! I'm really loving theBalm products - they've done nothing but impress me so far!

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