The Scrub of Your Life by Soap & Glory!

I had been intrigued by Soap & Glory products for quite a while now. Most of that has to do with the packaging! First of all - it's pink!! And second the retro vibe and such is super cute. Reminds me a little bit of theBalm I think.. So the packaging is adorable and as you know I'm a sucker for packaging. I was pretty much already sold. Their items are a bit more on the pricey side though, so that's why I've held off on trying them out yet.

I finally ran out of the scrub I'd been using, though and that created the perfect opportunity to try them out! The Scrub of Your Life was the lesser priced scrub so I got that one. It was about $16 and I ended up paying around $20 with taxes and such. So again, a bit pricier, but worth it I think!

"We'd suggest you follow all this with a Soap & Glory body moisturizer, but we're biased."
How cute is that? haha. Maybe once I'm no longer poor and can afford to buy one of their moisturizers! 

So here's what they say about The Scrub of Your Life on Soap & Glory's website:

"It's thick, it's foamy, it's fantastically fresh, it's satisfyingly stuffed with just the right ratio of scrubbing beads. Scented with our Original Pink fragrance."

So it comes, obviously, in a standard squeeze tube and has 200ml of product.

So like they stated, the product does has a scent. In my honest opinion it kind of smells like a perfume my grandma would wear or something.. I don't hate it nor do I love it. Once again, I suppose that's I'm neutral towards it. It is a very fresh and clean scent, though. It lingers a bit on the skin but I don't mind it. If you're sensitive to smell or just don't like the scent of this it may bother you, though.

So I feel that this scrub isn't too gentle or too rough - it's like a perfect, happy medium! It's a great consistency. The beads don't burst within seconds, either - they give you lots of time to scrub away to your heart's content! I really like this, I don't like when beads in other scrubs immediately burst or just don't feel like they're doing anything in the first place. 

While in the shower I could feel my skin feel smoother and softer, and once I got out and dry I feel like it still was a bit softer.. I don't know if that's just me trying to believe the claims or not, though! Either way I still really enjoy it! The last scrub I used I would hardly call a scrub.. The beads were soft and burst within the first rub and I felt like it wasn't really doing anything! That's definitely not the case with this, though! I've really been liking it and I'm very interested in trying more products by Soap & Glory in the future!

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