Empties for July

Well, July is ending already.. Tomorrow will be August! I'm both sad and excited.. Sad that the summer is going by so quickly and excited because my birthday is on the third, hehe.. Anyway, during July I managed to finish up four products.

Here they are.. Two makeup products and two skincare, er.. one skincare and one lipcare? Whatever.

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer: I really like this concealer. I wrote a review and raved about it here. It's my favorite concealer from the drugstore and best one I've tried. I've used as much as I can but I can no longer get any more out of the tube. It's a great concealer and I'll definitely be repurchasing as soon as possible. I'm currently without a concealer and only have my Cover FX foundation, which I use as a concealer on my dark spots/acne scars on my forehead.. I don't like to use it anywhere else since it's heavier. So yeah! I've been meaning to get another tube but I kept thinking, "Nah, I'm sure I can still scrape out enough to use tomorrow..!" 

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer: This is an alright primer, nothing special. It doesn't suck but it isn't great. I did write a review for it here, but I don't think I like it as much as I seemed to back then. Ah, I've also said for months I was close to finishing it but I would always brush it off and skip the step.. So today was the day I finally used it up. I wouldn't repurchase it, though the Fix & Perfect Pro primer seems interesting I'm not sure I'll be trying it out.

Blistex Cherry Lip Medex: ..Meh. I picked this up randomly one day when I was in desperate need of a lipbalm.. I basically chose the first one I saw and bought it. Um.. Hmm.. Well it says on the back of the tube it's for temporary relief of chapped lips etc.. I don't want temporary relief..! I want something that will help to repair my lips and moisturize them and such! I need a good balm because I get very dry lips and I have the horrible habit of picking at them as well. So I wouldn't repurchase this. Also, if you get it in your mouth it's super, super unpleasant. Almost like your throat is closing up.

Nivea Gentle Toner: I wrote a review for this here. I was unsure if I'd repurchase because it just seemed like an extra step that didn't quite do anything but I did end up repurchasing! I like the extra fresh feeling it gives me after my routine, and I also like using it after using a scrub to get any excess I missed while rinsing. I also like to use it before I wax brows.

So there are my empties! Did you finish up any products during July?

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