My Favorite Summer Polishes!

I'm not that much of a nail polish girl but I still like having them painted, despite how I absolutely loathe doing them, and getting new pretty colors. Today I thought that I would share a few of my favorite nail polishes for the summer! So we'll just go from left to right..

Venus by Avon: I did a review and showed this on my nails here. It's a pretty shimmery/metallic bronze that pairs well with a tan.

Turned Up Turquoise by China Glaze: This is a turquoise, obviously, with some very fine and faint shimmer that gives a nice effect/finish. Excuse my lack of knowledge on nail polish terms! I really hate the formula on this unfortunately.. It's thin, streaky, watery etc.. but I really like the color so I'll bare with it! I'm wearing it on my toes currently!

Sweet by CND: This is a bright and eye-catching hot pink.. think Barbie pink! I love the formula and it's pretty opaque in just one coat! It looks great with a tan as well! I have this on my nails right now.. This and Turned Up Turquoise look pretty rad together!

Coral Reef by Avon: Another Avon polish! I did a review and showed it on my nails here. I think this is my favorite of the bunch! It's a perfect summer color! It's fun and bright, and again, looks great with a tan!

Mesmerized by Essie: This is an amazing deep blue! It's really lovely. It's not too bright nor too dull. It's bold but not too in your face! It's a perfect blue polish! When I saw a swatch online of it I absolutely had to have it! So like the rest of the bunch it's a great color for the summer!

What are your favorite polishes for the summertime? :)

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