A Lesson

I've come across L'oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes mascara before. I was intrigued. Well, mostly for the packaging to be honest. I love the packaging (although it's a super fingerprint magnet as I learned..). "I want to try that!" I told myself, imagining having that pretty gold tube in my collection. I learned that it was a wetter formula with more of a comb brush, though. So I passed on it.

Sigh. Until now.

I saw someone use it on Youtube and went, "Holy cow! Her lashes look amazing! What mascara did she use? Voluminous Million Lashes? The pretty gold one? Wow, I've gotta get it!" 

I knew wetter formulas and such wands don't work for me but I disregarded it.. What has been possessing me lately to purchase these products I know won't work for me or I know I won't like?! So yesterday I skipped into the cosmetics section at Wally World and excitedly picked out a tube of Voluminous. "Oh boy!" I thought. "My lashes are going to look so great!" What is wrong with me?

So last night after removing my makeup I decided to try it out. For some reason my hopes were high and I was super excited, again, totally disregarding the fact that these wet formulas and wands don't work for my eyelashes. I applied it.


I was disappointed. It did absolutely nothing for my lashes. It looked like I hadn't applied anything. Perhaps they were a bit blacker? I tried to come up with a positive. I couldn't really think of any, though.

"Why in the world did I buy this when I know wet formulas and plastic comb wands don't work for me?!"

I just really don't understand my thought process when I decided to buy it in the first place.

Can you tell which eye has the mascara..? Well, it's the left eye. This stuff didn't hold a curl at all or add any volume to my lashes. As I said, the most it did was darken them a bit.

Here's both eyes with Voluminous. Meh. I don't want to waste it so I guess I can use it for a very natural look. Though, when I go for a very natural look I usually skip mascara all together. Oh well. I'll use it somehow. I don't really want to, though. Meh.

So the lesson here is...

One. Just because something looks/works great on someone else doesn't mean it will work great on you.

Two. Don't shove the fact that you know something won't work for you into the back of your head and buy it anyway.

Three. Do your research - even for drugstore products!

Four. Don't get suckered in by pretty packaging!

I'm still annoyed with myself. If you have lashes a bit more on the thin side like me then I would skip this mascara. Wetter formulas and thinner lashes don't go together all that well. And if plastic/comb wands have been an enemy to you as well, again, skip this.


  1. I am equally disappointed in this! I have to make myself use it because I don't want to throw it away after I paid for it. Tons of other mascaras give more (or the same) volume as this one. Plus I feel like I need to pile it on and then when I remove it it's the kind that goes everywhere.
    Hahaha I hate it just as much.

  2. Hi! wondering if you use an eyelash curler? or have you ever used waterproof mascara? I have stick straight sparse lashes and with these 2 things you'd never know it :)


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