August Empties

During August I only finished up three products.. Here's a quick run through:

Dove Clear Tone Anti Perspirant..  This is supposed to help irritated skin and reduce skin discoloration  caused by shaving and such. Like a lot of women I can be very self conscious about wearing sleeveless tops and raising my arms because of these problems.. So if a product claims to help with that I'm all for it! Unfortunately I didn't really see any improvement. It's a nice deodorant but didn't give me the results I was expecting to see. I'm currently using another different Dove anti perspirant which claims to help these problems as well (so far I'm not seeing much improvement with that one either!). Sad sigh.

Next is my beloved Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara. It's time to toss it out sadly! It's gotten very dry and 'gunky'.. and I probably should've tossed it sooner, anyway. This is my favorite mascara so of course I'll be repurchasing; I just plan on using up my current mascaras first!

And last is my Clean & Clear Facial Cleansing Wipes.. You know I love these things - they're in practically all of my empties posts! Plot twist, though! I didn't buy a back-up when I was getting low and I don't plan to repurchase yet. I'm currently trying out the Tea Tree ones from The Body Shop! I absolutely love how they leave my skin feeling and just really enjoy them all around but the Clean & Clear does a better job at removing my eye-makeup and makeup in general, is more 'saturated', and doesn't sting my eyes at all - whereas the Tea Tree ones do sting a wee bit if I happen to get some in my eyes. Also, price is much better. Clean & Clear are about $7 and the Tea Tree ones came to about $16, I think! And you only get 25 wipes, whereas you get thirty with Clean & Clear. So when I finish those I'll most likely be going back to them!

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