August Faves

Ah, the months just go by so fast. It's time for the monthly favorites post already! For August I have five items that I really loved and enjoyed using.

First we have Prada Candy. The scent is just so warm and yummy and I absolutely love it. I've been wearing it a lot and will continue to do so into the fall months! It's perfect!

I've been loving my Naked 2 palette, as well! I'm glad it was pretty much worth the hype! I love that you can pick any two random shades and they'll all look good together.

Next is Sexy Mama and Bahama Mama by theBalm! Sexy Mama is the loveliest little setting powder and I really love it! And Bahama Mama is lovely, too! It's my favorite bronzer and favorite to contour with! My reviews for both of these can be found here, and here!

And last is my Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop. I believe that every one of my monthly favorites posts have included a lip butter ever since I got them! I think Lollipop may be my favorite of the four that I own. It's the one that I wear most and I always keep it in my bag! I love that it can be nice and bright or you can just gently dab it onto your lip for a more subtle color.

And a random favorite - Studio Ghibli films! They were a great part of my childhood! I've been watching one every day lately. I watched My Neighbor Totoro today.. I've always wanted to ride the cat bus.. :(

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