Benefit Full Glam Ahead!

I receive Benefit's Full Glam Ahead! kit for my birthday and I decided to do a small overview/review of it! It includes minis of High Beam, Stay Don't Stray and BADgal Lash - products I've always wanted to try! It's $15CA on Sephora, and I believe $12US.

So first up is High Beam! The mini is 4.0mL, where as the full size is 13mL for $26. I don't like the idea of paying that much so the minis are great! You get quite a lot and you only need to use a little so a mini will last you quite a while!

It has the same nail polish type applicator as the full size! I always thought High Beam's packaging was very cute. 

Here's a little swatch. Benefit's website describes this as a 'satiny pink' which I would pretty much agree with. It quite a pale, pearly pink though. The shimmer in the blended out swatch looks kind of scary but it's more subtle on the face - it's a really nice, pretty highlight! Liquid highlighters aren't really my favorite but I give this a thumbs up!

Next up is the Stay Don't Stray primer for eyeshadow and concealer. The mini is 2.5mL while the full size is 10.0mL for $26. The mini bottle is pretty tiny but a little really goes a long way!

The mini comes with a little doe foot applicator, while the full size comes with a pump. I've heard the pump on the full size dispenses far too much product, so I'm liking this applicator.

Believe me when I say that you only need the tiniest bit of this. Even with a small dab once you begin to blend it in you'll realize there's more there then you thought! This is what I learned when trying to do a swatch!

It's a nude colored primer and I like the consistency.. I find it's not as thick as Too Faced Shadow Insurance. The color blended out on me but I have heard before it doesn't blend away completely on darker skintones. 

I don't like the smell of this, though. I'm not quite sure what it smells like.. Each time I smell it I come up with a different scent. Once I thought it smelled like Chinese food! Then it was like hardware glue or something. I don't know but I don't like it!

I did have a small sheet sample of this but never got around to trying it out. I haven't tried this out yet either, so we'll see how it goes..!

And the last item, that I was most excited about, is the BADgal Lash mascara! The mini is 4.0g and the full size is 8.5g for $19.

I wanted to try BAGgal for the longest time and have also lusted after it. It sounded perfect for me! Formula more on the dry side, the brush and everything! After finally getting to give it a try I'm in love! I'd definitely buy the full size!

The brush is pretty huge! I love it! It was love the first time I combed this through my lashes. I even think I like it more then my beloved Maybelline Colossal Volume! It adds a bit more length and doesn't clump as much. I'm happy a product I've lusted after for so long didn't turn out to be a total disappointment!

So overall I think this is a good little kit! I'd definitely try it out if you're interested in any of the products!

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