China Glaze On Safari

When I saw the polishes for China Glaze's new On Safari collection I knew that I absolutely had to have Exotic Encounters, which is the beautiful teal green on the left. The entire collection was so nice, though and I wanted to try out more then one.. So I ended up getting this trio which includes Exotic Encounters, Purr-fect Plum, and I'm Not Lion.

Here is Exotic Encounters, which is absolutely gorgeous. I love it so much. As I said, it's a beautiful teal green creme.

Ugh. Beautiful, right? It only took one coat to be pretty much completely opaque, but with two you'll be good for sure. The formula is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Next up is Purr-fect Plum. Crazy cat lady me fell in love with this name. This was one of the colors I was debating to get along with Exotic Encounters until I came across the trio. It's a lovely deep and rich plum shade that I'm super anxious to wear for the fall!

Like Exotic Encounters, one coat was pretty much opaque already and the formula was great as well. I've been very impressed with China Glaze polishes lately.. I didn't use to like them much a few years back as I found their formulas thin and streaky.. The formulas are just wonderful now, though!

And lastly we have I'm Not Lion. Another cute name! I wasn't that interested in this shade but it's still quite pretty and will be nice to layer with other colors. I'm just not looking forward to removing it whenever I get around to wearing it! Darn glitter polishes..

Kinda pretty, right? I think it will look nicer over another polish, though. I may try it over Exotic Encounters and Purr-fect Plum.

I can't wait for autumn to come around so I can wear these. I'm getting tired of summer and want my beloved autumn, already! They're really great fall colors, and I love the entire collection. I really want to get more of them! I'd have them all if I could!

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