China Glaze Prey Tell

So, I picked up another polish from China Glaze's On Safari collection. I chose Prey Tell which I had been thinking of getting before I came across the trio. I don't have any colors quite like this and wanted to try out a 'vampy' shade so it's perfect! Like the rest of the collection, it's a great autumn color! It's a really dark burgundy red that looks almost black!

Here's just one coat taken with flash so you can see the color beforehand. Kind of a wine color.

And here's two coats! I apologize for the not so great photo. It turns into a beautiful dark and vampy shade! You can see how the initial color peeks out a bit by the bottom.

The formula was so-so. It was great except for a bit of dragging and streaky-ness. Never made me want to hit my head on the wall, though! The finish is very nice as well! It's very glossy even without a topcoat. I'm very excited to wear this for the fall!

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