Corail in Love Dupe?

When I tried out Avon's Vermillion lipstick I was really reminded of Lancome's Rouge in Love lipstick in Corail in Love. I finally swatched them side by side to see if they were dupes or not!

Here they are swatched on the inside of my wrist. Corail in Love is on the left and Vermillion is on the right. I apologize for the awful photos! My camera really didn't want to cooperate. Now let's see if I can dig up these colors on my lips..

First photo is Corail in Love (worn a bit more sheerly) and the bottom is Vermillion. They're not exact dupes, but they're very similar! The Rouge in Love lipsticks are about $30 whereas the Avon are only $9.99.The only thing is that Vermillion contains some shimmer, where Corail in Love is really just.. glossy, I suppose. I prefer Lancome because there's no shimmer.. If you're interested in the shade, though and don't want to shell out $30 and don't mind the shimmer I think the Avon would be worth checking out. Plus as always, Avon is always on sale or has good deals on!

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