OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons

The Germany collection by OPI is another beautiful collection for fall. It consists mostly of great, deep and dark shades like red and purples but the one I was interested in was Don't Pretzel My Buttons, which is what I have here today. 

It's a beige-y nude creme. It doesn't really look anything too special but when I tried out the nail swatch in store I thought it looked like the perfect nude polish for me so I pre-ordered it!

Picture taken with flash.
(I didn't clean up my nails. Don't kill me.)

I really like how it looks. The formula was really nice and I only had to use two coats. I put all my polishes onto nail wheels this week, though and discovered I have one or two shades that look very similar. I'll post later with these possible dupes.

There are a few other colors in this collection that I'm interested in but I'm not sure if I'll try them out or not. Either way, I'm pleased with this one.

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