Review! Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss

Today I'll be reviewing the Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in the shade Moi. To start off I really love the packaging. It's very sleek, simple, and elegant. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills logo, it's a nice font. It is 0.07oz for $27CA on Sephora, but I received mine for my birthday where they were offering them free with a code at checkout. Onto the actual product!

It comes with a plastic, paddle type applicator which I don't really like. I find application to be more difficult and you need to take extra time to make sure the coverage is even and not streaky. While I don't really like this type of applicator I don't exactly hate it.

The gloss is pretty thick, but a nice consistency. It is somewhat sticky but it's very comfortable, and trust me, I hate sticky glosses. So thumbs up! It also has no taste or scent which I like.

It feels really nice on the lips - smooth and somewhat hydrating! As well as comfortable like I mentioned. I really like how it looks on my lips, too. It makes them look very full and luscious and has a nice, healthy shine! It also wears very well! Probably due to the thickness. This lasted through about five hours, during which I had been drinking and eating. The shine of course had begun to slightly fade but I was impressed!

I also really like the color! It's just a neutral pink, my-lips-but-better shade that's very flattering and, well, natural! It's also very nicely pigmented - what you see is what you get.

I'm not a gloss girl at all but I really enjoy this one. To be honest I've been looking at some of the other shades (Bellini, Flamingo, and Sorbet)! So nice. We'll see if I end up with more of these in the future, hehe.

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