Review! Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick

So today, as you can see by the title of this post, I have a review on Avon's Ultra Color Rich Brilliance lipsticks. Phew. Why such a long name? Anyway, they are described as "rich moisturizing color matched with shimmering prismatic pearls".

Shimmering. It says it in the description and you can see it in the picture in the campaign book. So what on earth possessed me to buy these when I don't like shimmer in my lipsticks? I'm not quite sure. The only thing I can think of is that the colors looked pretty, but still, as pretty as they looked I knew they had shimmer. Well, anyway these are $9.99CA but as always, Avon is always have good deals and sales, so I purchased the two colors I thought were pretty when there was a deal to buy two for $8.99. 

There are fifteen shades: Radiant Peony, Sienna Sparkle, Vermillion, Sumptuous Cerise, Brilliant Ruby, Berry Glitz, Pink Paparazzi, Rouge Luxury, Aurora Rose, Amethyst Sunset, Crimson Twilight, Gilded Velvet, Bronze Brilliance, Midnight Gleam, and Sparkling Sable.

I got the shades Radiant Peony and Vermillion. In the campaign book Radiant Peony looked a little brighter and more yellow based, while Vermillion didn't look quite as red and leaned more coral. Either way they're still quite pretty.

Now for swatches.. Vermillion will be on the left while Radiant Peony will be on the right.

Vermillion is the more opaque of the two, and as you can tell, is a shimmering coral. Radiant Peony is much more sheer, which I wasn't expecting so I was a little disappointed. While Vermillion looks relatively normal on me (in my opinion; again, I don't dig shimmer), I found that Radiant Peony gave more of that "look like I kissed a Twilight vampire" of the two. Shudder. I also find it looks a tad strange on my skintone, anyway. Here are the lip swatches..

Radiant Peony


Staying power is average. They're creamy lipsticks, so if you're eating or drinking it can wipe off. Or giving your cats kisses. Don't kiss one of your white cats while wearing these, more so Vermillion, or it will transfer to your cat and the other five will make fun of them. Anyway..

If you're not eating or drinking I found that they lasted around maybe two or three hours before fading. With Vermillion I found it also left behind a stain almost. So they're decent lipsticks if you're into the shimmer. If you're like me, though you can skip them - even if the colors looks pretty.


  1. I think the shades look nice, although I will probably get the pink shades such as Berry Glitz. Nice review and great as these are new so I was surprised when it came up on my blogroll.
    Cheers, Katey. I have grown to like AVON now.

  2. I think the radiant peony looks really pretty with your skin tone =]
    I don't think kissing cats would be a hazard for me, I'm allergic, but otherwise, very informative review!

  3. Radiant Peony looks really nice!

  4. Love it Avons always made great lipsticks and it is so hard to buy just a few lips sticks from Avon I always end up with every shade over time LOL


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