Review! theBalm Sexy Mama

Today's review will be on theBalm's Sexy Mama Anti Shine, Translucent Powder. This is a product I was interested in trying (mostly because the packaging is so cute!) so when I became in need of a setting powder it was the perfect opportunity to!

All of theBalm's products have that cool kind of retro vibe going on.. Sexy Mama features a confident pin-up girl.. I think that she looks like Mary-Lou Manizer! Anyway, I think it's absolutely adorable and I really love the pink!

Like various theBalm products, Sexy Mama is housed in a sturdy cardboard compact. And there's more pink inside - love it! This compact is just so cute! From the pin-up to the colors.. everything! Like I've said before their packaging is something I could rave about for hours so let's move on.. Here's what theBalm's website has to say about this product..

"Powder your face without a trace. This sexy formula with revolutionary, tiny, oil-absorbing spheres removes dreaded shine leaving you with a soft, matte finish. But wait... there's more! Sexy Mama has powers like no other powder... it's virtually invisible~ fooling even the most attentive admirer!"

Like all the other powder products by theBalm this is very finely milled, soft and smooth. Lovely! It looks nude but applies translucently.. obviously. One thing I find is that your brush doesn't pick up as much product with Sexy Mama as other powders like Frat Boy or Bahama Mama, so you'll have to go back in or load it up well.

If you look very closely you can notice some very fine shimmer in the powder but just as it says it gives a matte finish. It's a very nice matte finish as well! You're probably saying "Well matte is matte, is it not?" But trust me on it! It's a super nice, matte finish! It's not like a flat matte.. It gives a very soft, velvety appearance.

You don't need much of this.. it does what it says and vanishes shine. It's lightweight and very comfortable to wear, it's almost as if you're not wearing anything! It didn't feel like I'd applied a powder. It also doesn't look cakey or accentuate any dryness.. which both powder, and matte finishes in general can do.

My skin kind of changes with the seasons.. It's become much more oily during the summer so shine is a problem for me at the time. I already stated that it vanishes the shine but it kept it away all day! The only part of my face that could have used a small touch up was my nose. Overall though I just apply it with a kabuki brush and I'm good to go for the day!

So I'm really enjoying this product! theBalm is the bomb! I'm convinced that they add magic to all of their products.

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