Review! theBalm TimeBalm Primer

Yep. I have yet another great product by theBalm to review for you today. This is the TimeBalm face primer - infused with vitamins A, C, and E. Here's what theBalm's website says about it:

"TimeBalm Primer is designed to be worn alone for visibly softer skin, or under makeup so your look stays put. It also helps even out skin tone and minimize the appearance of fine lines."

It comes in a pink tube that's pretty thin and isn't bulky. I really like it , it's very cute! It's very easy to control how much comes out as well. We've all had a product that dispenses way too much no matter how hard or lightly you squeeze. So this tube gets two thumbs up! Who thought I would rave about a tube? 

Onto the actual product! It looks almost like a lip balm and is somewhat thick. I quite like the consistency of it. It does have a scent which I don't really like. I can't come up with an idea of what it smells like, though.. It's not really a good scent or a bad scent.. Kind of.. I guess just a weird scent. While I don't particularly enjoy it though, it doesn't bother me or turn me off from the product. I can only smell it for a short moment, anyway.

TimeBalm gives you the most wonderful, silky, and velvety smooth skin - it's just lovely! I could just sit there and rub my face all day.. it feels so nice!  You only need a small amount and it's very fast and easy to apply as well. It's also very lightweight and comfortable! My foundation went on very easily and smooth afterwards as well! I didn't really notice any change in uneven skin tone or fine lines but those aren't things that I notice or worry about that much.

As for staying power.. I found that it did help the wear time of my foundation a little bit. The one I'm using at the moment (Smashbox BB Cream) I find wears quite well, but I think this primer gave it a little extra boost. After about five hours out I got home to see my face still looking fresh. It looked how it did that morning.

Overall I really enjoy this primer! I think that it's worth a try; it really is lovely!

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  1. I've been wanting to have this for ages but sadly it costs a bit high at my local beauty store but great review though, it was very informative!


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