Review! Urban Decay Lip Junkie Gloss

A mini Lip Junkie in the shade Naked comes along with the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay, so I obviously gave it a little try. So this post will just be a small little review on it. Here's a little bit of what UD's website says about the Lip Junkie glosses..

"Get hooked on shine, without the sticky hangover. Lip Junkie features a soft, luxe texture, stay-put shades, and tastes like wedding mints. Addicted yet?"

I'm not a gloss girl in the first place so I can't say I'm addicted.. but this gloss is pretty nice.

The packaging is very cute and I really love the intricate cap! It comes in a squeeze tube with a slanted, plastic applicator.

This has a minty smell, and it really does taste like wedding mints! I don't exactly like flavored gloss but it's not too strong at all and doesn't bother me. When you apply this it gives you a minty, cooling feeling. It kind of does give a slightly more plumped appearance to the lips as well.

It's also quite a comfortable gloss. Thank goodness it's not that sticky. It has a slight stick but it's not uncomfortable or annoying or makes me want to jump off of a cliff. Good job, Urban Decay.

It also lasted pretty well through eating and drinking. Some of the color came off on my straw and the shine had faded a bit afterwards.

I find the shine this gives my lips makes them look almost strange.. but I think I applied a little too much in the first place, haha. I was trying to get the color to show up at least a little. Speaking of which.. here's a swatch:

Naked is described as a "pinky neutral" which is pretty much what it is. It looks more red in the tube but does come out as kind of a rose-y nude. It's also pretty shimmery  - something I can't say I enjoy all that much.

On me you can't really see the color.. it's just like a my-lips-but-better kind of shade. The color doesn't really show up but it adds a bit more life to the lips with the shimmer and shine.

It's a nice little gloss but I don't see myself purchasing a full size of it, which is $23CA. Though, I must say.. one of the new shades 'Streak' looks very pretty. 

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