September Empties

I only managed to finish up one product this month: Bath & Body Works' Pink Sugarplum Shower Gel.

My mother received it for Christmas but since she doesn't use shower gels and such she told me to use it. I was finishing up my current body washes first before I started using it, though. So it didn't take me ten months to use, haha.

I really enjoyed it, though! It was the first product I'd used by Bath & Body Works as we don't have a store where I live, and the nearest is about two or three hours away. It smelled super sweet and nice and was just a wonderful little shower gel overall.

Anyway, as a replacement I've just been using my Wanted by Jesse McCartney shower gel. I'd repurchase this again, though! 

September Favorites

Let's cut right to the chase..!

OPI Barre My Soul: This is just a really sheer polish that I like to wear when I don't exactly want to wear a color but don't want my nails to be completely bare, either. It just gives me the appearance of shiny, healthy nails and like I'm not even wearing anything!

Prada Candy Perfume: I adore this scent. It's so yummy and warm - just perfect for autumn. It's my favoriteeeeee.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: I obviously like this because it helps to repair and restore my lips. This is a mini from Sephora's free birthday gift.. I quite like it and don't want to run out of it! $30 for a lip balm is a little much for me.

tokidoki Lion Pappa Arte Palette: Review and swatches here. This is just a great little palette for quick, easy, natural eyes. 

Rimmel Soft Kohl: I got this in a little pack with Rimmel's Maxi Flash mascara for free.. I probably would have never thought to try it out otherwise. It's nice and soft and easy to apply and I really liked it for more natural looks. Downside was that it does smudge, though.

FOTD 09/25/12

This FOTD is actually from this past Tuesday.. I really liked it though (and my lipstick matched the flowers on my shirt perfectly, lol) so I wanted to share it! 

Here it is..! I make weird faces.. Anyway, here's what I was wearing:

 theBalm Time Balm Primer
Maybelline Fit Me foundation mixed with Garnier Moisture Rescue Lotion
Benefit Stay Don't Stray (for undereye primer)
 Revlon PhotoReady concealer
 Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation (used as concealer on dark acne marks)
 theBalm Sexy Mama powder
 Cargo Mendocino Blush
 theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer

 Too Faced Shadow Insurance
 Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Suspect all over lid, Snakebite in crease, Bootycall as highlight)
 TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner in Black
 Maybelline Illegal Length mascara
 An eyebrow pencil

 Lancome L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in Exotic Orchid (lovely fall shade!)

And then I also set everything with my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray! :)

And voila! 

What's In My Makeup Bag?

This is my first time doing one of these posts! I'll just be showing you what I keep in my makeup bag (obviously). I really only keep essentials/every day products in here, so there's nothing too exciting like colorful makeup. I've had this cute bag since I was little and I just really love it! It also holds quite a lot!

So let's take a peek inside..!

I keep these little essentials inside - Avon's Precision Grip Teardrop Blender, a random eyelash curler, a hair elastic and a sharpener. 

Next are some essential face products and my current foundation! I have the Smashbox BB Cream, theBalm Time Balm Primer, Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation (I use it as concealer), and Revlon's PhotoReady concealer.

The Smashbox BB cream is what I'm currently using and I keep it in my bag.. If I'm using something like Revlon's Color Stay or Maybelline Fit Me I just leave them out on my dresser since they're in bottles, though.

Some kind of random things.. theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer, EOS lipbalm, and minis of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray and Bad Gal Lash.

Mascaras! I have too many open! I prefer to use one at a time but I kept trying new ones and just kept them all in my bag. Here I have Rimmel's Max Volume Flash, Maybelline Illegal Length, and Lancome Doll Lashes.

Eyeshadow primer and some eyeliners.. This is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Lancome Artliner, a Rimmel kohl pencil, and a Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee.

And then I just have my brow products.. The Body Shop's Brow & Liner Duo and a random little pencil the name rubbed off of. (Holy fingerprints..!)

So that's everything I keep in my makeup bag! My theBalm Sexy Mama powder is an essential/everyday product but since it's in cardboard packaging I leave it out on my dresser so it doesn't get ruined! I'd usually have a few neutral shadows in here as well but lately I've just been using palettes! And as for lips I'm always wearing something different so there's no point in putting one in here!

So in my bag I have what I need to do an all made up look: my primer, foundation, concealer, brow products, mascara, eyeliner etc.. And then I just have to choose the shadows, blush, and lip color I'll wear. And then I also have things I can quickly grab on a lazy or natural day: concealer, brow products, a bit of highlighter, or some mascara!

Elephant Queen Nails

I know, I know.. the title is kind of lame.. I combined the names of China Glaze's Elephant Walk and Jungle Queen together to come up with a name for these particular nails.

I'd been wearing Elephant Walk on my nails but my thumb had chipped off a bit on the tip.. I wanted to keep the color on but I didn't want to repaint my nails and that darn chip was really bugging me. So instead I decided to try something a little different..!

I just painted a stripe across the tips of my nails using Jungle Queen to hide any chips my tips may of had! I did this free hand so it's a little shaky..! I think it's cute and the colors look super nice with each other! I've never done any colorful tips before, only basic white or black tips over clear nails.. So it mixed things up a little for me!

Black Shadows

The fall time calls for darker and smokier looks - the perfect time to break out your darker shadows as well as your blacks! I love everything fall time: the scenery, hot drinks, coziness, fashion, makeup etc. It's my favorite season! I had fun with my summer-esque makeup but I'm ready to transition! So today I'll be sharing the black shadows I found in my collection.

Starting clockwise is Maybelline's Pink Persuasion palette, Revlon's Black Magic palette, Stila's #1 Ponytail Doll Palette, Wet & Wild's Greed palette, and Blackout from Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette.

They are all powder shadows except for the Revlon and there are three mattes and three shimmers/glitter.

First off here they are swatched without primer. I swatched the shimmers first and then the mattes. From left to right is the Revlon, Maybelline, shimmery black by Wet & Wild, matte black by Wet & Wild, Stila, and Blackout by Urban Decay.

And here they are in the same order, but swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

With these particular shades primer or a base does make a difference so I would definitely use it with them! So now let's talk a teeny bit about each shade..

Revlon: Well.. I hate their cream shadow palettes. They crease like there's no tomorrow! It was one of the more pigmented blacks, though. It has a little shimmer and almost looks like just a satin finish. I might try this out again with a base or primer to see if it creases as bad but I don't really like it either way so..

Maybelline:  These are pretty nice shadows.. They're very soft and smooth like butter! Some are more pigmented then others, though. The black here is one of those 'others'. It doesn't quite look like it in the swatch but it has glitter and it was a bit gritty (I swatch with my finger).

Wet & Wild: Covering both the shimmery and matte blacks here! Wet & Wild really stepped up their game. They used to be what I considered "one of the worst drugstore brands" - harsh but true. I remember some of my first makeup was by them and.. well, I don't really like to think about it, haha. Anyway, as I said, they have certainly stepped up their game as many others have said! Their shadows are lovely! They're so soft, smooth, buttery, and pigmented! These two were also some of the more pigmented blacks here.

Stila: It's alright. It's very firmly pressed and a bit hard.. It's not as pigmented as some of the others, either.

Urban Decay's Blackout: I love UD's shadows  - they're everything nice about a shadow! Blackout is no exception and it's also one of the more pigmented blacks I have.

Also, I wiped these swatches off with a tissue and some of Clinique's makeup remover. When there was so primer used all the shades wiped away pretty easily but Revlon somewhat stained. This is what happened when I tried to wipe off the swatches I used primer with:

They all somewhat stained..! I had to scrub them off of my arm - it was all red afterwards! :(

So here's my question for you! What's your favorite black shadow? 

China Glaze 'Jungle Queen' & 'Elephant Walk'

I mentioned here about getting some more polishes from the China Glaze On Safari collection  when they were buy two get one free; so these are the other two shades that I got!

Here we have Elephant Walk, which is a really nice grey creme with very fine shimmer. It can lean towards green and even blue in different light - very interesting! Overall, the shade reminds me of, well, an elephant :)

Here's the swatch - you can see the shimmer better here! Very subtle and pretty, isn't it? I'm currently wearing this shade on my fingernails! You will need two coats for it to be fully opaque.

And here's Jungle Queen! It's a murky, greyish purple and contains some fine shimmer as well. Even with the shimmer the shade is kind of dull.. There's something kind of odd about it.. I can't place my finger on it but I like it anyway!

And here's the swatch! Again, you can see the shimmer better. It looks much better here then in the bottle. Like Elephant Walk you'll need two coats for it to be fully opaque. I'm currently wearing this shade on my toes!

And again I express my love for this collection. Great colors for the fall time, I just love them. I don't think I've ever loved a polish collection so much!

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

Redken, a sponsor of fashion week, was offering Maybelline's Illegal Length mascara as a free gift with some of their products. 

My mother is a hairdresser and I like to go to the beauty suppliers store with her (it's where I buy my polishes because I get them cheaper then retail price, hehe). I pointed out the Redken products including the free gift and she ended up getting one so that I could get the mascara to try out and review. Thanks mama!

Here are some of the details (from Maybelline's website since I threw out the package, oops):

  • Fiber-fix brush has 6 different contact points with each lash for optimal fiber placement
  • Breakthrough formula contains fibers up to 4mm in length
  • Sealing formula stretches lashes and seals fibers to lashes
  • Washable, also available in waterproof formula

The shade you receive is Blackest Black, which, you guessed it, is black. The packaging is fine. I don't exactly care for it. It's okay, I think I just prefer round tubes.

The wand isn't anything special, it's pretty standard. I like that it's a brush though - you know I hate plastic or comb wands.
The formula isn't too dry nor too wet - it's like a happy medium. I prefer dry formulas as wet ones really don't work for me at all but the formula on this is quite nice!


I didn't really notice any of these magical fibers.. I stared at the wand for a good while, rotating it carefully, looking for any sign of them. Perhaps I'm just not that observant or perhaps they're not exactly visible in the first place. Either way, it's pretty nice at lengthening.

It didn't give me any remarkable length, but it gave me an alright amount. I wish it gave more volume, but it's a lengthening mascara so I can't really complain!

I haven't tested the wear time or anything but I've never had a problem with my mascaras flaking or smudging. If this does end up doing either I shall report back on this post!

So in the end.. It's alright - I don't love it or hate it. I'll use it but I prefer my other mascaras that are currently in rotation and I don't see myself purchasing a tube once this one is gone.

China Glaze Adventure Red-y

I wasn't kidding when I said I really love China Glaze's On Safari collection and wanted to have them all. I recently picked up Adventure Red-y along with two others (to come in a different post!) when there was a deal to buy two and get one free. I believe there are only five polishes left in the collection that I don't own. Sigh.

Adventure Red-y is, well, red. It's a true red and is deep and lovely. Very classic. The formula was great. It was pretty much opaque with one coat, but I would use two for good measure!

When I got home I noticed that this shade is very close to another classic red shade that I have, which is OPI's Vodka & Caviar.

OPI is on the left, while China Glaze is on the right. In the photo I can see now that Adventure Red-y is a tad darker and more blue then Vodka & Caviar, but they looked almost identical when I was just looking at the nail wheel.

Hmm.. I might just have a new favourite red polish.

Wild Raspberry by Covergirl

I was just browsing a local dollar store after I picked up a card and came across a little basket with lots of these Cheekers blushes by CoverGirl marked down to $1.50. I took a little look through them and found this Wild Raspberry shade which I'd never heard of. The Cheekers blushes are pretty nice little blushes and I own two of them which I like (Natural Rose and True Plum) so I decided to try this out.

Wild Raspberry must be a discontinued or limited edition blush since it's not listed on the CoverGirl website and I've never seen it around before. A quick web search showed me that it did exist once upon a time, though! I saw a lot of good reviews for it on MakeupAlley, and a lot of people were sad it was no longer available.

It's, of course, a pretty raspberry shade with some shimmer.  The shimmer isn't overpowering or too noticeable, though. The blush is very firmly pressed and kind of.. hard.

It comes in the usual little plastic compact and comes with a little brush - which is pretty much useless..

Unblended, Blended

Heavy swatch on finger

It's kind of sheer and pigmentation isn't the greatest. It gives a nice little flush of color to the cheeks, kind of like you'd been playing out in the snow. It is buildable, though. Application is nice and it's pretty easy to blend as well.

It's a nice little blush for the fall and winter.. If you come across it I think it's worth a try.

Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

This year's Sephora Beauty Insider's gift was this mini lip duo from Fresh, which includes minis of their Sugar Lip Treatments in Rose and Clear.

I received this on my birthday but am only getting around to doing a post on it now! So this will just be a small and quick review on them.

Here's what the back of the box says about the product:

"Our birthday gift to you: the sweetest smooch ever! This lip-loving duo nourishes , protects, and perfects your pout with a blend of skin-softening sugar, moisturizing seed oils, and antioxidant-rich vitamins."

The minis are 0.08oz and are the same size as a kabuki brush, while the full sizes are 0.15 oz. I think the minis are quite a nice size and you get a nice amount of product.

Rose, Clear

Something I wasn't expecting is that the caps twist off instead of being a standard pull off cap. Think mascara tube..! It's pretty neat and while it insures the cap stays secure and such I'm not all that fond of it just because it takes the extra effort to close and open. It's like an extra two seconds, but I'm lazy, okay?

These both smell nice! The Clear treatment smells like lemon meringue pie, while the Rose treatment smells of roses! 

Here's Rose swatched on my wrist.. It's described as a sheer berry rose and just gives a very slight tint to my lips. And the Clear is obviously clear!

These are both very nice balms, I must admit. They feel very nice and moisturizing on the lips, and you can feel it sinking in/working where some balms just kind of sit on your lips doing nothing. They leave my lips softer and soothed and definitely improve my awful dry and chapped lips. I do have the bad habit of picking my lips, though.. So if I could just stop that the results would last longer! It's a habit I'm doing my best to break - but these lip treatments do help to restore my lips :)

While these are super nice balms they unfortunately cost $26CA.. which isn't super nice. I suppose I'll just enjoy them while I can because I really can't see myself paying almost $30 for a lip balm! 


Here I'm wearing two coats of the beautiful Prey Tell by China Glaze from the On Safari collection, as well as I'm Not Lion from the same collection on the tips of my nails.

I intended to just put some of the glitter on my tips and leave it like that, but it looked a little strange to me. I decided to put one more thin coat of Prey Tell over it - creating this really pretty and neat effect! I like it! It was kind of hard to photograph.

I took this photo out of focus to try and show the sparkle! I know layering and such is no new technique but it's the first time I've layered a polish over glitter and I really like the effect; as well as this combination!

Ah, I'm just loving these fall colors.. And the On Safari collection. I was wearing Exotic Encounters before this, and am still wearing Purr-fect Plum on my toes. Awesome fall colors. Just awesome.

Here are my posts on the polishes I own from China Glaze's On Safari collection if you want to take a looksie: Purr-fect Plum, I'm Not Lion, Exotic Encounters & Prey Tell.

Get $20 of e.l.f. Mineral Makeup Free!

When I saw this deal going on on e.l.f. I knew that I had to share it! When you spend $20 you're able to choose $20 worth of products from their Minerals line! You can check out their website yourself to get more info. It will be going on until September 17.

Since their products are so affordable you'll be able to get a bunch of products with this deal! It's perfect for beginners or those who want to add a bit more variety to their collection without spending tons.

e.l.f. products can be hit and miss, though, so it's always good to check reviews! There are reviews on the website itself of you can always check on MakeupAlley - a great place to find quick reviews!

Will you be taking advantage of this deal? :)

*None of the links in this post are affiliate links - I just put them there so you can check the websites quickly if you need to! :)


Hello everyone! I haven't shared a FOTD for a while so I thought that I would do so now.. So here's what I wore today!

My forehead looks so large.. haha.

For my face I prepped by using my Avon Nutura Replenishing Cream and then theBalm's Time Balm Primer. Then I mixed together a little bit of my Smashbox BB Cream, Maybelline FIT ME foundation, and some Garnier Moisture Rescue Lotion. I used Revlon PhotoReady concealer for under my eyes, and Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation to conceal my dark acne marks.

I set this with theBalm Sexy Mama powder, and then I gave my face a quick spray with Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray. 

I filled my brows in with a little random pencil and very lightly contoured with theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer. 

I primed my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and applied Chopper by Urban Decay from lashline to crease. I used Urban Decay's Snakebite in the crease, and Urban Decay's Bootycall as a browbone highlight. I winged out my liner with Lancome Artliner in  black, and used Rimmel Max Flash mascara (quite 'meh' for this mascara).

I applied Cargo's Mendocino blush very lightly to my cheeks, and finished with Revlon's matte lipstick in Mauve it Over. I set everything with another quick spray of Urban Decay All Nighter spray.

And there we go..! :')

Revlon's Teak Rose

Today I have another great polish for the fall - Teak Rose by Revlon! It's just a very nice rosy shade with a touch of brown.

Teak Rose is actually my first Revlon polish and I was very impressed! I really liked the formula and the brush was nice as well. I only needed two coats for it to be completely opaque, and I was able to go about a week and a half before my thumb started to chip. So it's a lovely color as well as a good formula!

I had found this bottle hiding away in Wal-Mart on sale and quickly grabbed it, and I'm very glad that I did. I just really love it! 

You can look for Teak Rose in your own Wal-Mart or local drugstore, or you can purchase it here from which has free shipping on all Canadian orders! It's $4.99 there, so you can compare to your local drugstore!

*This post contains an affiliate link, but this product was purchased by me with my own money and this is my honest opinion of it! ^.^

Cargo Mendocino

It's beginning to look and feel like fall (my favorite season!) and I'm excited to be able to pull out this blush now. It's a fingerprint magnet, but a lovely product.

It's Mendocino by Cargo, a perfect shade for the fall! It's described as a 'wildflower pink with a gold sheen' on Cargo's website. I see it more as a plummy, berry shade. I've seen lots of people describe it differently so it's up to your eye! Either way it's a beautiful blush! I got this blush back in July, I believe, and have been waiting and waiting for the fall time so that I could take it out. It just didn't seem like a blush to wear during summer..!

Here are the swatches.. Left is unblended and right is blended. Isn't it lovely? It's so soft and finely milled, and the shimmer distributes very evenly. It's also a very fine shimmer, enough to give you a pretty glow.

It's super pigmented as well! You only need the lightest dab of it. You can always go back in for more of course if you desire more drama! It wears and blends out very well, and you get a ton of product in that cute little silver tin!

I see myself wearing this a lot throughout the fall and into the winter.. It just screams fall to me.

How I Defeat Pimples

Let's get down to business..

Here is my secret weapon for defeating pimples - Avon's ClearSkin Professional Acne Mark Treatment Gel.

My mother originally got this for me because it claims to 'help visibly fade acne scars', and as you know, I have a party of dark acne marks up on my forehead. It also works as a spot treatment, though. While I didn't really see any results in fading my scars (perhaps because I didn't use it consistently for a long enough time, though) this has been a wonderful spot treatment.

When I feel a pimple coming on or notice a small one I put this on.. By the next day it's vanished or almost completely gone! 

My skin gets much more oily in the summer months so I tend to get more pimples.. Whereas my skin is usually dry the rest of the time and I hardly get them. A few days ago, though I discovered a mountain had appeared on my chin. In the middle of the day. Out of no where. It had to be the biggest pimple I've ever had. It was like a grape! (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.) It was gross, though and I wanted it gone as soon as possible. 

When I usually get pimples they're quite small, or I apply this gel before they can surface.. So I was worried maybe this wouldn't defeat this gigantic monster on my chin.

It did, though. This stuff is like a pimple warrior. After the first night it was reduced by a lot, and by today it's almost completely gone. By tomorrow it will probably be completely gone or very tiny and not noticeable. This stuff is great.

It's $18CA, but as always, Avon is having sales and deals all the time. I believe my mother got this for free as part of a deal. It does have a rollerball which some people may be turned off by - but no worries! It also adds a cooling effect which feels nice. There's also a ton of product and you don't need to use much! It will last quite a while!