Black Shadows

The fall time calls for darker and smokier looks - the perfect time to break out your darker shadows as well as your blacks! I love everything fall time: the scenery, hot drinks, coziness, fashion, makeup etc. It's my favorite season! I had fun with my summer-esque makeup but I'm ready to transition! So today I'll be sharing the black shadows I found in my collection.

Starting clockwise is Maybelline's Pink Persuasion palette, Revlon's Black Magic palette, Stila's #1 Ponytail Doll Palette, Wet & Wild's Greed palette, and Blackout from Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette.

They are all powder shadows except for the Revlon and there are three mattes and three shimmers/glitter.

First off here they are swatched without primer. I swatched the shimmers first and then the mattes. From left to right is the Revlon, Maybelline, shimmery black by Wet & Wild, matte black by Wet & Wild, Stila, and Blackout by Urban Decay.

And here they are in the same order, but swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

With these particular shades primer or a base does make a difference so I would definitely use it with them! So now let's talk a teeny bit about each shade..

Revlon: Well.. I hate their cream shadow palettes. They crease like there's no tomorrow! It was one of the more pigmented blacks, though. It has a little shimmer and almost looks like just a satin finish. I might try this out again with a base or primer to see if it creases as bad but I don't really like it either way so..

Maybelline:  These are pretty nice shadows.. They're very soft and smooth like butter! Some are more pigmented then others, though. The black here is one of those 'others'. It doesn't quite look like it in the swatch but it has glitter and it was a bit gritty (I swatch with my finger).

Wet & Wild: Covering both the shimmery and matte blacks here! Wet & Wild really stepped up their game. They used to be what I considered "one of the worst drugstore brands" - harsh but true. I remember some of my first makeup was by them and.. well, I don't really like to think about it, haha. Anyway, as I said, they have certainly stepped up their game as many others have said! Their shadows are lovely! They're so soft, smooth, buttery, and pigmented! These two were also some of the more pigmented blacks here.

Stila: It's alright. It's very firmly pressed and a bit hard.. It's not as pigmented as some of the others, either.

Urban Decay's Blackout: I love UD's shadows  - they're everything nice about a shadow! Blackout is no exception and it's also one of the more pigmented blacks I have.

Also, I wiped these swatches off with a tissue and some of Clinique's makeup remover. When there was so primer used all the shades wiped away pretty easily but Revlon somewhat stained. This is what happened when I tried to wipe off the swatches I used primer with:

They all somewhat stained..! I had to scrub them off of my arm - it was all red afterwards! :(

So here's my question for you! What's your favorite black shadow? 

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