China Glaze Adventure Red-y

I wasn't kidding when I said I really love China Glaze's On Safari collection and wanted to have them all. I recently picked up Adventure Red-y along with two others (to come in a different post!) when there was a deal to buy two and get one free. I believe there are only five polishes left in the collection that I don't own. Sigh.

Adventure Red-y is, well, red. It's a true red and is deep and lovely. Very classic. The formula was great. It was pretty much opaque with one coat, but I would use two for good measure!

When I got home I noticed that this shade is very close to another classic red shade that I have, which is OPI's Vodka & Caviar.

OPI is on the left, while China Glaze is on the right. In the photo I can see now that Adventure Red-y is a tad darker and more blue then Vodka & Caviar, but they looked almost identical when I was just looking at the nail wheel.

Hmm.. I might just have a new favourite red polish.

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