Elephant Queen Nails

I know, I know.. the title is kind of lame.. I combined the names of China Glaze's Elephant Walk and Jungle Queen together to come up with a name for these particular nails.

I'd been wearing Elephant Walk on my nails but my thumb had chipped off a bit on the tip.. I wanted to keep the color on but I didn't want to repaint my nails and that darn chip was really bugging me. So instead I decided to try something a little different..!

I just painted a stripe across the tips of my nails using Jungle Queen to hide any chips my tips may of had! I did this free hand so it's a little shaky..! I think it's cute and the colors look super nice with each other! I've never done any colorful tips before, only basic white or black tips over clear nails.. So it mixed things up a little for me!

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