Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

This year's Sephora Beauty Insider's gift was this mini lip duo from Fresh, which includes minis of their Sugar Lip Treatments in Rose and Clear.

I received this on my birthday but am only getting around to doing a post on it now! So this will just be a small and quick review on them.

Here's what the back of the box says about the product:

"Our birthday gift to you: the sweetest smooch ever! This lip-loving duo nourishes , protects, and perfects your pout with a blend of skin-softening sugar, moisturizing seed oils, and antioxidant-rich vitamins."

The minis are 0.08oz and are the same size as a kabuki brush, while the full sizes are 0.15 oz. I think the minis are quite a nice size and you get a nice amount of product.

Rose, Clear

Something I wasn't expecting is that the caps twist off instead of being a standard pull off cap. Think mascara tube..! It's pretty neat and while it insures the cap stays secure and such I'm not all that fond of it just because it takes the extra effort to close and open. It's like an extra two seconds, but I'm lazy, okay?

These both smell nice! The Clear treatment smells like lemon meringue pie, while the Rose treatment smells of roses! 

Here's Rose swatched on my wrist.. It's described as a sheer berry rose and just gives a very slight tint to my lips. And the Clear is obviously clear!

These are both very nice balms, I must admit. They feel very nice and moisturizing on the lips, and you can feel it sinking in/working where some balms just kind of sit on your lips doing nothing. They leave my lips softer and soothed and definitely improve my awful dry and chapped lips. I do have the bad habit of picking my lips, though.. So if I could just stop that the results would last longer! It's a habit I'm doing my best to break - but these lip treatments do help to restore my lips :)

While these are super nice balms they unfortunately cost $26CA.. which isn't super nice. I suppose I'll just enjoy them while I can because I really can't see myself paying almost $30 for a lip balm! 

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