How I Defeat Pimples

Let's get down to business..

Here is my secret weapon for defeating pimples - Avon's ClearSkin Professional Acne Mark Treatment Gel.

My mother originally got this for me because it claims to 'help visibly fade acne scars', and as you know, I have a party of dark acne marks up on my forehead. It also works as a spot treatment, though. While I didn't really see any results in fading my scars (perhaps because I didn't use it consistently for a long enough time, though) this has been a wonderful spot treatment.

When I feel a pimple coming on or notice a small one I put this on.. By the next day it's vanished or almost completely gone! 

My skin gets much more oily in the summer months so I tend to get more pimples.. Whereas my skin is usually dry the rest of the time and I hardly get them. A few days ago, though I discovered a mountain had appeared on my chin. In the middle of the day. Out of no where. It had to be the biggest pimple I've ever had. It was like a grape! (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.) It was gross, though and I wanted it gone as soon as possible. 

When I usually get pimples they're quite small, or I apply this gel before they can surface.. So I was worried maybe this wouldn't defeat this gigantic monster on my chin.

It did, though. This stuff is like a pimple warrior. After the first night it was reduced by a lot, and by today it's almost completely gone. By tomorrow it will probably be completely gone or very tiny and not noticeable. This stuff is great.

It's $18CA, but as always, Avon is having sales and deals all the time. I believe my mother got this for free as part of a deal. It does have a rollerball which some people may be turned off by - but no worries! It also adds a cooling effect which feels nice. There's also a ton of product and you don't need to use much! It will last quite a while!

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